Joining the Brotherhood

If any member of the Band of Brothers (BOB) invites you to be a member, you’ve passed the screening process.  Your next step is to accept or reject the offer.

If you accept the invitation, you are encouraged to join in our conversations by posting an update about yourself.  What have you been doing since you last talked to any of us?  How is your family?  How is your health?  Do you have questions about retirement or something else that the brotherhood could help you with?  There are no guarantees that we can solve your problems, but we will listen to your concerns.  And remember, as you express yourself, we want to keep this site respectable, no F-bombs or any other things that are commonly offensive . . . we’re all friends here and we want to hear what you have to say — we’d hate to have your post deleted because of poor communication techniques.  Repeat offenders may have their access filtered, resulting in posting delays.  That process is actually more of a pain to the administrator than it is to the writer.

If you reject our invitation, then go your way.  Meanwhile the rest of the brotherhood will have a serious problem with the judgement of which ever one of us invited you — what was he thinking?  We might not demand much in terms of recognizing our blood, sweat, and tears we shed to get our supervisors promoted while we served our nation, but we have little room for mercy on those that take our friendship lightly.

 Feel free to comment about each other’s posts.  Each of you will begin with the ability to post without filtering.

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