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Wear of the Flag patch

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

I thought, at least, Andy might appreciate the “model-command” command’s instructions on the wear of the US Flag option on the flight suit’s left sleeve.

AFI36-2903_AFGSCSUP 1 JANUARY 2010 (Added) Left Sleeve. The US flag or any official patch for units in which the member served while performing a global strike mission may be worn on the left sleeve. Members may also wear the Weapons School, USAF Test Pilot School, or other official Air Force school patches upon completion of the appropriate school. Morale patches are not authorized for wear. Installation commanders may authorize the wear of subdued emblems during base contingency or heightened threat operations. EXCEPTION: The US flag will never be subdued. Deployed personnel will follow theater emblem requirements.

¬†As my grandfather used to say, “I’d rather fail at something which will eventually win than to win at something which will eventually lose.”