I made it!

Yea, it’s been awhile…and every time I try to remember the 11th, something would always distract me…

For instance, Heather booked a film down in New Orleans with Christian Slater and Christopher Walken called “The Power of Few”.  From what I’ve gathered it has a bunch of vignettes that come together in the end.  Heather plays the role of “the Reserved Women” but gets a name by the end of the film.  http://thepoweroffew.com/  or http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0817545/   She’s listed under the full crew and cast… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0817545/fullcredits#cast 

Heather also flew out to LA to cover a charity event and help host.  Then she flew up to St Louis to film her webisode…similar to a TV episode, but made for the internet.  They call it “Trigger”.  She plays a housewife, gets abducted, has amnesia and does all this fights/martial arts but can’t remember why she knows this stuff…stay tuned for its release…

Even though water was scarce this duck season, Jim Melvin and his son and I managed to bag our limits of wood ducks every time we went out!  After 20 minutes of shooting and knocking them down, we would stop and take a head count.  Another time we were out and I nailed two with one shot…and Jim is my witness…he saw the whole thing! 

Then last month we took our sons over to the panhandle of Texas to shoot some geese.  The first day we hunted with a group of five guys to make nine and we shot out limit.  Jake shot a nice speckle-belly that he’s getting mounted.  The next day it was just the four of us.  We would have reached our limit again.  We were about a mile from this watering hole that the geese were roosting on.  Then some knuckleheads decide to hunt ducks on that same watering hole and unloaded their guns.  Needless to say there were thousands of geese lifting off and flying the coup.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any.  It was another hour and a half before we shot another goose that made a low pass over us.  So we called it a day.  Clayton bagged a nice speckle-belly that he’s getting mounted.  We were six geese short of our limit, but 14 was still a pretty good haul. 

1st Day’s Hunt      2nd Day’s Hunt

I’m still working on models…current project is a King Tiger tank during the Battle of the Bugle…more on that when I finish it this month.  Speaking on models, remember that M48 Patton I did a while back?  Well it looks like it may get auctioned off as a fund raiser for the USMC Vietnam Tankers Association.  I’m working with a member so things are just on the drawing board for now… 

Due to family pressure and a group of board gamers, I’ve come out of the Dark Ages and now have a Facebook page…Heather set up the page and I filled in the blanks…I’ve heard there’s a bunch of Andy Blooms, so just look for the skinny 1st Lt with one of those old gray headsets on…

O’well…until next time…


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  1. The Chuck says:

    Andy, thanks for posting. Good to hear Heather’s acting opportunities are still going strong. I’m happy for you guys. Good job with the hunting and modeling.

    The Chuck

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