December 2010

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t written much lately, but my life has grown complicated.

Cindy and I have been immersed in a complex struggle to protect two of our grandchildren.  Last week our middle daughter was finally convicted of battery for the 2 April assault on Cindy. We have another court date later this week concerning the custody of the developmentally delayed twins, who have been in under our protection since 1 April.  We have no guarantees, but we are committed to protecting the boys within the limits of the law, as the State of Louisiana is making the major decisions.

The details up to now would be sufficient for a thriller novel, unfortunately I don’t have the ending yet.  Time will provide it.

I’m blessed with employment enough to cover the legal expenses, so this has NOT turned into a financial burden for us.  The boys are enrolled in special education programs and are receiving speech and occupational therapy twice a week.  In addition, we’re working with them very much at home.  Thus, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t written any political columns for many months, and sad to say, my fiction writing has suffered the same fate for now.

I’m a little premature in sharing all of this, but I wanted to let you know that I’m still reading the posts as you make them.  In addition, I post job information on contractor positions as I find out about them, just in case anybody was thinking about that option.

More to follow …

The Chuck

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  1. The Chuck says:

    Yesterday we were both awarded interim joint custody, the boys are safe for now … but in 6 months are so, could be earlier, we’ll go to court again. It’s a little nice to NOT have the next date staring us the in face, as the court order does not expire until the court so decides.

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