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Yepper it’s July!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Wow…I’ve way planning and anticipating to write on the 11th this month, but I’ve been snowballed by events around here!So a little back-tracking…In May, I took my mom on a journey across southern Utah to visit the National Parks before her hip surgery in June.  But first I had to fly home to accompany mom to Salt Lake City – she doesn’t like flying much anymore let alone making her way through airports. 

First stop was Bryce Canyon NP.  It seemed that God put a divider across the mountain range then poured water down one side eroding away the rock & dirt to create an awesome view of layered rock formations!  We rode along the top of the mountain range looking down into rock formations.  Next we tried to get into Cedar Breaks NP (National Park) but they were closed due to the four feet of snow still on the roads!  So we just headed down to Zion NP.  This time we were in the canyon looking up at the rock formations!  Mom rode the bus around and back to the hotel while I ventured off on different trails to see some of the sites.  I hiked back in on one over a mile in to see this water fall, but alas I ended up finding it within 100 yards of the bus stop!  Yea the hike was nice, but I was on a time schedule to get back with mom.

Anyway, next day we woke to travel over to the Lake Powell Resort.  Yepper, the same lake area we used to fly into while navigating IR-126 into Red Flag…aaaah the days of low level flying in the canyons!  We took a 5 hour cruise to get to Rainbow Bridge NM (National Monument).  The only way to see this natural bridge is by boat, horseback riding, hiking, or 4-wheeling.  I guess you could even parachute in, but you would have to hike out.

Then we headed to Hovenweep NM – protects six prehistoric, Puebloan-era villages spread over a twenty-mile expanse of mesa tops.  It was a god thing we had a Ford Explorer to get back into some of those dwellings.  Then over to Natural Bridges NM to see three incredible rock bridges that were carved out by the wind, rain and river (once upon a time) before calling ti a day.Up early again to visit Canyonlands NP.  The Colorado & Green River plus their tributaries divide the park into four districts: the Needles, the Island in the Sky, the Maze and the rivers themselves.  We were able to see the Needles & the Island in the Sky.  The Maze is only accessible by hiking or horseback.  We called it quits just outside Moab, UT.  That way the next day we could see Arches NP.

If you can remember your John Wayne trivia, the Arches NP should sound familiar.  The Duke and many other Western movies were shot in this area.  What impressed mom and I was that each area had its on geology and was very different from the others!  The beauty was just fabulous along with the weather…it was very accommodating during the whole trip.

Then, June rolled in.  I journey back to Montana to be with mom while she had her left hip replaced.  I stayed for a few weeks to make sure mom could get around and be comfortable being back in her own home.  The surgery went well, but it took a few extra days for mom to recover and be allowed home.  She has therapy folks coming to the house three times a week and she is already making plans for next year…she wants to go to San Francisco to visit a Teddy Bear lady and of course see some more National Parks there in California.Anyway, this has been long, so I save some for next month…until then – fly safe!

Bryce Canyon  Rainbow Bridge  Island in the Sky - Green River Overlook