June 11th Ponch Post


 Time to post and update you all to what’s up on the west coast.  I am now a qualified Global Hawk pilot.  I passed my check ride last week…hoo-ray!  I am now filling our paperwork to get a german pilot’s licence.  Yup german,  the company has plans to send us to Germany next summer to start flight test on the Euro-hawk.  Also this fall I will be TDY to Vandenburg AFB to do some testing on new software for the GH.  The Air Force is planning on opening a squadron of GH’s on Guam and we need to train the Hawk to land on a slopped runway.  Those of you that have Castle AFB time will remember that VAFB has a pretty good slopped runway.  Also for those who like it cold, the Air Force is putting a GH squadron at Grand Forks!  There should be some employment for people that want to live in ND…yuck!!! 

On the home front,  we finally got the mirror for our telescope completed ( the 22 inch scope we started two and a half years ago).  I was getting worried that the mirror maker had taken my money and ski-daddled.  However it turned out that the extra time waiting for the mirror was well worth it.  We had our first full night testing the optics with a large group of both professional and amatuer astronomers this week end.  everyone was completly blown away by the views into deep space through this monster telescope!!  Aslo my son had his first scientific paper published on research he did on double star positions.  We are working on another project and plan to publish this summer.

On a more personel note, my Mom is in the proccess of dying from both cardiac heart failure and altztimers.  I took her to the Ceaders-Sinai hospital friday to see what they can do for her heart valve that has calcified to the point it’s causing her heart to fail.  They offered a procedure that involves putting a balloon into the heart valve to expand the opening to allow more blood to flow and relieve some of her symptoms.  This is all well and good, however my idiot sisters are putting up road-blocks becuase they think it’s better to let her die from heart failure rather then deal with the alztimers.  I had to remind them, sternly, of their Christian duty to honor human life and protect the weak and infirm …although I don’t think that appeal works with most people these days, my sisters included.  Our society has become so selfish and self centered, that duty honor and self sacrifice are words for fools and zelots. Most people attend church, some pay attention and learn a few facts about Christianity,  even fewer folks actually put these values to the test in their lives.  My sisters fall into the first catigory. Either way I will find a way to prevail,  If I have learned anything in life it’s been a trust in values and examples of the right way to do things that I saw  while living and sharing time with you all.   All our conversations on alert and in and around the office and on this blog help keep me grounded in reality…thank you all.


 Reed “Ponch”

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  1. The Chuck says:

    My heart and prayers go out to you concerning your mother’s health, it doesn’t seem so long ago that my mother’s health turn to frailness. More painful still is the conflict between you and your sisters. I encourage you in doing the right thing, as like you, I’d rather fail at something which is right than to succeed at that which is not.

    Congrats on the check ride, I’m confident you will continue to succeed there.

    Where is the paper published? Is it available on line? How about a link.

    The Chuck

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