Louisiana Calling

Hello to all my Brothers,

I do not post often but always read about your exploits. I am looking for employment at Barksdale. I have exhausted the Retired Rated Recall Program (cut funding), the reserves do not call back and I am tired of beating my head with the F-35 Program. Bomber credibility in a Fighter world. Let me mention that, “I was right” but not until it became my Boss’ idea. So, I have applied for 2 Program Analyst jobs in GSC, nothing yet. I am starting to think that I need to know someone (or do they know me?). Well, I know you guys. If anyone is hiring, pls let me know. larsoninla@aol.com is still my email. Thanks, Britt

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  1. The Chuck says:

    Send me a resume. I can probably get you a job offer for a contractor position, as my boss does the hire/fire decisions and at least for now he listens to me.

    That goes for other BOB members too.

  2. Andy says:

    Thw WST has three emtpy consol operator position…even though we’re going through re-compete with the WST contract, I beleive they’re still listed on the Rockwell Collins website.

  3. The Chuck says:

    We got a little bad news today. Budget issues may result in less thanj 30% of the contractors retained past September. Bad timing for Britt. Come Oct we know much more, at least for a year. On the flip side we do have a position for any rated officer in the local area, who could use a paycheck right now, without concern over what happens after Sept . . . Wish I had better news.

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