March Maddness!


Time to post.  First for those interested there is a very high paying flying job available here for a Government GS-14 level Global hawk Pilot.  This is a SWEET position with a cost of living bonus and flying privileges in C-12 as well as a GH.  The pay range is well into the 100K range.  Another Buff driver in GH would be huge. 

Chuck,  I never saw the pictures of the GH air-refueling.  I erred greatly by saying there is no AR capability in the GH.  NASA is modifying a couple of GHs to air refuel. There is a big test sometime next year to verify the capability.  The programming will then be transferred to the UCAS bomber.  Northrop is partnered with NASA to do the mod and testing, the Air Force does not want to ante up pilots for the project…so guess who get to go fly with NASA. Yup me!  SWEET!  We took a tour of the GH control facility yesterday.  OMG!  Talk about first class!  I almost wet myself over the displays (also I’m getting to that time in my life were diapers are becoming an issue;-).   As usual the Air Force spent minimal bucks for the Global Hawk control system.  The NASA system is so Cadillac it was unbelievable.  The AF version uses a Falcon View back bone with limited capability for moving map.  NASA uses Google Earth!!  The computers are so fast on the NASA system that you can mouse roll zoom the map from a total world outer space view (Google Earth start page) into 3 meter photo maps almost instantly!  It also uses FAA sectional maps and other stuff.  Also you can tilt the whole display (ala Google Earth) to show a 3D version of the Jet flying a climb or decent profile.  The PSD is right out of a 767 with all the bells and whistles, unlike the PSD in a AF block 20 that is more like a C-172 version of G-1000.  Plus the control room at NASA was just like you would imagine a NASA control room would be…everything new and clean and first class.  Way COOL!

Also another good deal…the company is planning on sending me to test pilot school either at Mojave or a course out of the U of Kansas.  The guys here say the U of K program is much better, but harder to get. I will probably end up at Mojave.  Either way COOL!!

On the telescope front things are getting way busy.  We took the wooden model down to INCA corp. in Los Angeles a few weeks back.  They have reduced the design into 3D cad cam modeling and are well along with construction on an aluminum version.  Inca’s plan is to produce the final version in 1, 1.5 and 2 meter sizes…contingent on our success at making the design work.  Dr genet just got back from Hawaii where the concept is raising all sorts of excitement amongst the professional and amateur astronomy world. Dr. Genet was at the French observatory on the Big Island and the director of the telescope approached him about the project.  Turns out the French telescope used Dr. Genet’s laws on robotic telescopes for their design.  We get daily suggestions from astronomers all over the world for exotic projects for the scopes.  The end intent for the scopes is to connect multiple one and two meters scopes into an array that will be able to resolve the surface features of near-by stars. COOL!  




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  1. The Chuck says:

    The job sounds great, I’ve talked it up, but most folks here are doing well enough. Unless I find a fountain of youth and healing, I don’t think I’ll be flying any more, except back in coach. I’d think Elwood would be a great guy for this … if you can talk him away from the South.

  2. Andy says:

    Sounds like things are looking up for you! About time…

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