Jobs: Analyses and Assessments Professional (2)

There are two of these positions for Macaulay-Brown at Barksdale, AFB in AFGSC.  If you’re interested, send me your resume and contact information via my email  and I’ll get it to the site lead.  Salary will be commensurate with experience.


Here’s the description:


1.5.2  Analyses and Assessments:  The contractor shall provide personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities/qualification to accomplish the tasks specified in this PWS in the technical environment described below.  (A001, A002, A003, A005, A009)  Provide the expertise to serve as a MAJCOM level technical expert advising on matters concerning scientific work requiring the design, development, and adaptation of mathematical, statistical, econometric, and other scientific methods and techniques providing advice and insight into the probable effects of alternative courses of action.  Provide the expertise to formulate unique analytical research proposals and studies that recommend alternative courses of action to senior Command officials. As an analytical expert, the contractor must be able to provide technical guidance and independently resolve problems and issues involving the development of mathematical models and computer programs to evaluate and predict the ability to support assigned missions, projects, studies, or problems. The uniqueness of the problems requires creativity, innovative use of techniques, advanced approaches, and/or new technologies. As an expert, the contractor shall be capable of defining or further defining major/critical problems and for advising management of advantages or disadvantages of various alternatives.  Provide the expertise to support the implementation and clarification of policies, criteria and standards and recommending modification to USAF analytical criteria as needed, or modifications of such as needed for specific MAJCOM requirements.  Provide the expertise to AFGSC/A9A for the creation and maintainance of data structures that provide a short notice, responsive analysis capability in addition to long-term studies.  Expertise in modeling and simulation and other analytical tools are required to support study objectives, create and maintain input data structures and files, run/modify the models, analyze model output, prepare output for presentations and assist in final documentation of analytical efforts.  Support will include, but is not limited to, future force structure analyses and future trade-off studies such as an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA).  Assist in developing study plans that include the following: background, study team composition, purpose of study, scope/limitations, critical assumptions and constraints, measures of effectiveness (MOEs), study parameters and variables, methodology description, data requirements and schedule with deliverables.  Provide the expertise to create, update and manage data files with the source of all data and points of contact listed, providing a basis for determining the validity of study results.  Provide the expertise to use mathematical models and/or simulation tools to evaluate system performance and utility.  Provide the expertise to run specified AFGSC/A9A models, analyze outputs, prepare outputs for presentation/report, and document study results.  Documentation includes final report, associated data sources and points of contact, an in-depth explanation of critical assumptions, model methodology and scenarios, commentary on any unique assumptions necessary to derive the results, and a section on the lessons learned in conducting the study.  Studies may involve analysis of PPBE inputs and POM results to create decision submissions for senior leader consideration.  Preparation of data sources, including adaptation/modification of available databases, to meet the fidelity/completeness requirements for other modeling efforts within an AoA or other analysis efforts, and documentation of the results.  Coordinate model and scenario development with Air Force Studies and Analyses, Assessments and Lessons Learned (AF/A9) and other organizations, as required.





2.1  Personnel Qualifications: The contractor shall provide personnel with the necessary training, qualifications, and clearances to accomplish all requirements identified in this PWS.  In the event of contractor turnover of employees, qualification summaries shall be submitted through the Contracting Officer for verification of personnel skill sets.  The following paragraphs list the general qualifications for the skill sets described in paragraphs 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 as well as specific qualifications for the skill sets described in 1.5.1 and 1.5.2.   (A001, A002, A003, A005, A009)


2.1.1 General Knowledge Skills and Abilities

a)         Knowledge of a wide range of global strike concepts, principles, and practices relating to area of specialization.


b)        Knowledge of common budgetary practices, procedures, regulations, precedents, and guidelines.


c)         Knowledge of safety and security regulations, practices, and procedures.


d)        Skill in written and oral communications to explain, justify, and clearly present ideas and findings of a variety of issues in a logical manner; also prepare presentations, analysis, and clear/concise reports complicated by short deadlines and limited information.


e)         Ability to communicate with decision makers and their immediate staffs as well as specialists, experts, and professionals in the same or related fields.


f)         Ability to participate in study teams; originate new ideas, projects, and methodologies; and execute projects and/or studies within established financial and/or time constraints.

g)         Ability to use Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access)

h)        Ability to develop and utilize data collection techniques to conduct statistically sound analysis and data presentation.


2.1.3 Specific Knowledge Skills and Abilities required for the skill sets in Paragraph 1.5.2

a)         Experience in analysis of modern bomber aircraft, bomber aircraft systems or ICBM operations.


b)        Experience in ICBM, Bomber or Navy Nuclear Operations.


c)         Knowledge of a range of methods and techniques used in operations research studies and possession of analytical abilities.


d)        Knowledge of expert quantitative techniques and methods used to develop, adapt, modify, and apply models to resolve problems or define and clarify alternative solutions.


e)         Ability to design, build, and use models and simulation using software such as SAS and ARENA.


f)         Operational experience in combat aircraft to include knowledge of their performance, tactics, capabilities, and general employment in various roles/missions within a broad range of military operations


g)         Staff experience (MAJCOM-level or higher).


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