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Ya, I know I’m a bit late…we survived the the BIG storm here is the Bossier City, LA…hope you guys back east are doing well inspite of the snow.

Well Jim Melvin and I went down to the Corpus Christi area to hunt ducks had a blast!  Both our sons couldn’t make it whether being sick or having to work.  We stayed in a cabin on our guide’s property plus food and WOW…the spread was great!  First night; ribs, duck, sausage and brisket – all smoked!  Yepper, a regular Texas size barbeque!   Second night we had duck & sausage gumbo with all the trimmings. 

As for the hunt; first morning; get out early, set the decoys and setup on this island of maingros.   We didn’t have to wait long a large flock of redheads circled the island and tried to drop in on our decoys.  So we light them up, Jim dropped one while I dropped two.  Yep, two shots two ducks.  So afterwards Jim bagged another and we were done…two redheads per person is the limit.

Next morning, they take us to another area to try and get buffleheads or pintails.  We were dropped off at the bind out in the middle of the bay…2 to 3 miles to land on either side of the bind.  The water was only 2-3 feet deep which made it good to walk around, set-p decoys and retrieve ducks.  Well when the ducks started flying, the redheads stayed up high and literally split up and went around our blind!  We never got a shot off on any redheads.  Meanwhile the buffleheads stayed low and actually dropped in on our decoys.  Jim bags a nice drake while I shot a hen.  Since we were after buffleheads, Jim held off shooting until a bagged a drake.  So the next one in I shot turned out to be another hen…Kevin, our taxidermist, kept calling me the hen killer!  About another hour or so, I finally bagged a drake bufflehead.

Then some pintails circled and were trying to land on our decoys.  After so long moments, calling on our duck calls, they dropped in close enough to shoot.  All three of us down one.  But the one I shot was not hurt bad enough, because when I start to get him he starts paddling away.  I must have chased him for miles but never gained any ground on him…sad but he managed to live another day.

Anyway here’s some pic from the hunt…next year it’s a goose hunt!

Redhead ducks  Group Pic

Also check out the website…one of my wood duck pictures was published on the Delta Waterfowl site…


 Unitl Next time,


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