I’m way cool now!…the FAA says so


Well its about time.   If you haven’t heard the FAA is now allowing former, and current military instructor pilots to take credit for their training and receive a CFI CFII MEI rating…following a simple written test.   YES…no FAA examniner rat tied to your face for a day of abuse and brow beatings.  I did the press to test on this and low and behold it works!!!  I took the test with the help of Sheppard Air gouge test prep….excellent  course that was spot on!  Yesterday I went down to the FSDO and made it official.  Now the FAA certifies that I’m cool! Only problem is they would not punch my Single Engine ticket because I never taught in a single engine aircraft in the Air Force.  I can’t figure how an F-16 dude gets to teach in a C-172 and I have to be in somthing that has more then one engine.  No worries though cause the SE add on is a local checkout with a DPE.  Then I can be just as dangerous as the viper dudes!!!








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  1. The Chuck says:

    Great job. Can limping, artificial heart-valve guys take the test and get the ratings too? Even if they don’t plan on flying anytime during this life?

  2. Bob says:

    Way to go, I am proud of you. Bob

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