A Pleasure Serving with You!

It’s been a pleasure serving with you folks!  For us, freedom just isn’t a word but holds so much and is so dear that any attempts to do so would not do it any justice.  True, we haven’t made the ultimate sacrifice, but so many others before us have. 

My dad was stationed in Germany during the 70s and I was able to take the troop train into Berlin as part of Boy Scout outing.  We even stood on the platform overlooking Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall…side note.  Anyway we traveled at night and were told not to wave at any guards.  So after our weekend stay we’re heading back to West Germany and there was this guard standing on the East German side.  Well the tension was so great you could have cut it with a knife, so I decided to wave.  The guard made an ever so slight a nod in recognition of my “hello”.   The word Freedom took on a whole new meaning for a kid of 18. 

I found this scrolled on our jet when we were getting ready for a mission during Desert Storm; “Freedom for those who fought for it has a special meaning the protected will never know”.

I hope you had a chance to reflect on today’s importance and if someone hasn’t said it to you, thanks for serving our country!

Until next time, fly safe!

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