“Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits.I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” 

                          Bilbo Baggins


Ok the face book thing is interesting.  I’m still trying to learn what the sections like wall and such are about.  I am conflicted on the whole concept though.  I like the idea of being able to look up old friends and acquaintances, However, I suspect like most people, there are some folks that I am happy to never see again i.e. Creepy Big MAC Mac Pherson showed up on my potential friends list.  Seeing that thug again…even a still picture… was like a swift kick in the nut sack.  And what’s with the advertising with the good looking chicks with big hooters that want to be my friend or supposedly are looking for me? Again with the conflicted thing…I added Brian Bartels to my friends list as well as PWN3.  B2 was an experiment just to keep tabs on the stupid pecker…and maybe an attempt to stick it too him that I’m doing pretty good in life without him and his peckerwood ideas and lack of leadership.  As for PWN3…like Bilbo, I liked PWN3 perhaps better then he deserved.  Also it kind’a creeps me out when people I don’t know request a friends thingy with me.  Either I’m showing my age and am not comfortable with the “new” electronic media or I’m showing my age and can’t remember I once knew the person…or maybe they know me and have the same design’s on revenge as my pseudo friendship with B2.  Either way inerconflict….maybe I’ll just stay off the computer and get back to real life, no wait…damn conflicted!!

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  1. The Chuck says:

    I miss the daily dose of your humor.

    I’m offsite now and the only passwords I can remember are to the BoB Blog. So this is my network connection–I should make every account the same, but then I’d be violating all that OPSEC stuff I was taught.

    The Wall in FB is the latest posting of you and your “friends” … Home in FB is just your latest posting.

    A lot of people like to amass as many friends as possible–you don’t have to accept. FB is like having a conversation at the BX with some of your friends–a lot of other people might listen in. So don’t say something you wouldn’t mind any passer byer hearing. Not that you’ve ever been dissauded from speaking your mind.

    This Blog is more private, like talking around a table in hanger 2. It’s still subject to people walking by and listening if they’ve a mind to–but in doing so they know they’ve ventured into a less public place.

    The people you’ve mention probably never read this site–but they could if they wanted to.

    Facebook is a great place to “get noticed,” which makes it attractive for writers and aspiring politicans. It is also a wonderful despository of public inspiration and information. You can filter your friends by limiting access to folks you really know/want to know and you can always delete a “friend” that post material you don’t approve.

    I agree that FB, like blogging, can take much of your time. Time better invested into writing your next novel, building your next science project, or looking for jobs.

    Don’t stay away from the computer for long periods of time because we all appreciate hearing about your life–as we no longer have the TAR Pit.

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