11 Oct 2009: The Chuck

Not only was Andy the first poster in August, he was the only one.  And unless we count Ponch’s good-news post on 1 September, nobody posted in September.  Not even me.

Me, least of all me.

So I’m certainly caught up in something here.  I’ll share some of it in this posting. As I am making an 11th Band of Brother’s post this month.  This month maybe I’m just lucky the 11th falls on a Sunday.  Or maybe I’m just about to get my life together–either way here it is:

The big event in September for me was the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Denver.  I’ll always remember it as a trip to the mountain top in more ways than one.  A writers’ conference is an amazing thing:

Throughout each day, subject matter experts instruct various classes. The pleasant dilemma is having to decide which ones you’ll attend–as a new writer, you want to attend them all.  Fortunately the classes’ audio are recorded and CD’s are sold.  I’m sure I’m not far off if I compare the education value of a conference to an entire year’s study in a college.

Each meal is multi-faceted.  The tables are hosted by agents, editors, or very experienced authors.  While some hosts have their tables fill quicker, every table had precious pearls to give to those with ears to hear.  The meals included speakers, all with  valuable inspiration for people at all levels.  Of course, the food was appreciated also.

Each evening provided additional opportunities to talk to the agents and editors in small groups–imagine after a day that covered activities from 0700 to 1900 and then want to have another session from 2000 to 2200+.  For me, I couldn’t imagine not taking advantage of such an opportunity.

Of course the conference had more that just education–it also provides opportunities to “pitch” your wares to agents/editors.  I was elated to find someone interested enough in my writing to request a partial.

It’s not a contract.  It’s not a for sure.  But it is the “next-step” I’ve been working towards since the first time I thought I had an adequate manuscript.  The more I learn, the more I discover I have to learn–a bit like flying.  Regardless of the outcome–I’m quickened in my resolve to continuing pressing towards the mark.  Thanks for the encouragement along the way.

The big event this month is my oldest daughter’s wedding.

A few months ago, my about to be son-in-law flew down from Kansas City and met with Cindy and me.  He wanted our permission to marry Jennifer.
The conversation wasn’t easy.  And in 21st century America–it’s certainly not required.

In a retrospective comparison, the first time I met my mother-in-law I had already married Cindy.  I was a cad.  But let’s not digress.

During our conversation many things were said, many promises were made, but one thing rung out loud and true in my ears–and no it wasn’t the tinnitus from over 3700 flying hours in the B-52.

Jeremy listed a lot of verbs he was going to do with our daughter.  He promised to “provide” — she’s got an MBA and the MCSE rating, she’s probably got that part covered but nice to know he’s going to step up to the plate; he promised to “love” — most men love the woman they hope to marry; and at least a dozen other verbs, all of which I processed much like I just did here.  Then he said, “Protect.”


That was my job.  This young man was not just promising his undying love–he was promising to protect my daughter.  “Protect,” went right to the man of the matter.  And I believe him.  I like him.  Like him a lot.

This young man sat there at our kitchen table and poured out his heart to Cindy and me and when he was finished I actually believed he loved my daughter as much as I love my Cindy.

While any parents have concerns over the man who wants to marry their daughter–Jeremy’s visit won us over.  I’m probably cheapening the event by using the term “won over” making it sound something like a pitch I used at the conference, but it’s how my mind was working at the time.

Most people probably consider it sweet or respectful for a man to ask permission to marry their daughter.  A lot of people consider it an “old-fashion” technique.  And a few, especially those who know Jennifer, might suspect she required him to do it.

But here’s the rest of the story:  Two or three weeks after he flew back to Kansas City–he actually proposed.

It wasn’t an after-the-fact facade of a request.  It was for real!  Our meeting with Jeremy wasn’t just a nice thing–it was a sincere heart-felt happening–a happening I will never forget.

And as happy as I am a man of this character will become my son-in-law, I’m even happier he will very soon become my daughter’s husband and her protector.


I offer one last apology for not posting for the last two months.  In addition I’d like to encourage each of you to toss us a paragraph about your health, your wealth, your state of mind or whatever you want to talk about.  This is our Blog and I know the rest of us would appreciate the news from you.

A few of us are on Facebook, but I’d like this BoB-Blog to continue to be our space–at least once a month.

What do you say?

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