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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009


Finally something to post on the BoB!.  After much time and effort smoozing and busting my ass-bone as a volunteer flight safety officer and after much of the Estrada hard earned cash keeping current, I landed a test pilot job at Edwards AFB !!!  Hoora! I just got hired with the Northrop Global Hawk folks starting sometime in October or November.  Of course – as with all life – timing and luck played a great deal in the story.  I had interviewed for this job and a few like it more than a few times.  Always with the same results….i.e. “they liked me but I didn’t have test pilot school and I’m bomber puke so go away”.  Well so happens that an emergency requirement from the pentagon for new capabilities on the Global Hawk made for an immediate need for pilots.  Also coupled with several new programs that have drained the number of pilots out of the swamp till there are almost none.  Now they are hurting bad and need ME I got the job…with a 5% raise to boot…Ya HOO!  Now before you guffa about a remote pilotless vehicle needing a pilot…the job requires a current commercial instrument ticket.  The company will pay me to stay current in the aircraft at Edwards AFB…. Life is GOOD!    Oh did I mention Test Pilot at EDWARDS AFB! Ohhhh Yeahhhh!

P.S. Anyone want my old job as B-2 test director?  Good money , pretty good folks to work with,  not very challenging but the location is hot dry and expensive.