This is the 11th?

Wow, I cannot believe I’m first this month!

Big news…Heather finally landed a principle role in a film by Campus Crusade for Christ and is set in Israel around the time of Jesus – although it will be film near Sibley, LA.  About 45 minutes from here.  When Jack Black was making his movie – ‘Year One’ – they built a huge set/town with all the works in Sibley.  So she’ll only have to travel a short distance to film set.  I cannot tell much about it due to signed agreements between them and her.  But anyway, we’re all excited about it!Other than that not much to say…except  my modeling project is complete!

‘Tet ’68 – the Battle for Hue’ – the 1st Marine Division, 1st Tank Battalion, Alpha Company M48 supporting Bravo/1/5 (1st Battalion, 5th Marines). 

 Tet 68 - Battle for Hue City  Street Level View  Ms June

The Men:  Verlinden Productions provided the kneeling sniper and Figure Conversion Parts US Vietnam kit.  The sniper rifle came from Tamiya’s US Infantry Weapons Set.  The eight figures in the main platoon were combined from two kits of DML Dragon; #3305 Marines Tet Offensive and #3307 US Marines Khe Sanh 1968.  One figure was modified to carry the M79 grenade launcher instead of the M60 machine gun while another was modified to hold a binocular as the spotter.  The Tank Commander was from Tamiya’s US Armored Troops and I had to add a headset/microphone to his helmet.  

Over there!  The Snipers  Hey Doc!  The Wounded 

The Diorama:  I used CelluClay for the base, painted Pactra’s rust to simulate the red dirt of Southeast Asia.  I also added some Model Railroad ballast.   The building came from Verlinden Productions, the Vietnam/Middle East Ruin as well as the palm tree, some ferns, and wrought iron gate. Additional palm plants came from Kamizukuri paper plant kit A-9. provided the BRICK RUBBLE.  A piece of fabric trim was used for a rug at the entrance of the ruined building.    Some of the other “jungle plants” came from the doll house industry.Anyway the project took about four  months – painting figures is not one of my strong points…in fact I hate painting faces – but I’m still trying to improve on them.

 Another View  Behind the Scenes

Next up, a German 88mm Flak gun turned into an anti-tank gun somewhere in North Africa 1941-43 assigned to the famous Rommel’s Afrika Korps.



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