11 July 2009: The Chuck

Hey guys,

We’re at the beginning of a hot summer in LA. I know the rest of the county is supposed to be covered with snow, but that’s not what it’s like here. The wx folks say 100 and 99, but thermometers often say 103 and 105. Not quite Saudi hot, but definitely makes me glad we invested into an 18 SEER air conditioner a few years back.

Our baby girl turned 20 yesterday. That was a quick 2 decades. Anything for another excuse to eat cake and ice cream.

I’m pinging a little as I try to get my novel in shape for the ACFW’s writer’s conference in Dever come September. I’ve planned for a professional critique group to help me with the manuscript in August … which is almost here. If I can show up with a world class manuscript I’m hoping to pitch it and move closer if not all the way into a real contract.

I joined the national Romance Writers of America (RWA), which is a huge professional organization. While this first novel is more of a Biblical Thriller with plenty of action–the follow-on novel could very well be written as a romance, albeit one with plenty of warfighting and giant smashing action.

I started a Facebook account this month. I’ve noticed a few of our BOB Blog brethren on there.

I keep talking about writing. Anybody want to talk about flying? Beer? Politics?

I pray the 11th finds all of you safe and well.

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