Great Come Back

A few of you might remember “Slider”.  During his initial qual as a copilot, he was Professor’s student–way back when the FTU had hard lines. I know . . . ancient history.

Anyway,  I also flew with him several times (maybe four at the most).

I don’t think I flew with him when he upgraded to AC.  And he went to CFIC after I retired.  But he did get a no-flap touch and go–we managed to pass that down to him.

Today he’s a weapon school instructor and has a line-number for major.

We solicited  the weapon’s school to give the 608 AOC a B-52 Capes brief–maybe because nobody wants to hear my “pulling alert with SRAMs and B-28s” stories. 🙂

I gave Slider orientation training on SIPR DCO the day prior to his briefing.  While he was building some Poll Questions, the deputy chief for the Combat Operations Division (Tigger) came into our office to discuss an entirely separate issue.   Tigger is a Lt Colonel with an A-10 background, plus he’s a big Hawaiian-looking guy.  I like him, but like many fighter pilots–his sense of humor can leave bomber guys wondering if he’s kidding or picking a fight.

I decided to introduce Slider to Tigger, and Tigger took advantage of the moment to interject some of that A-10 style humor.

“You mean you let this old guy in your cockpit?  What could he ever do?”

Slider didn’t smile.  Instead he maintained eye-contact with Tigger and calmly said, “He taught me everything I know.”

Tigger looked at me, a bit bewildered, and I said something, but whatever it was, it didn’t measure up to what that B-52 pilot had just laid on him.

Yeah, that was a good moment.

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