11 May 2009 – The Chuck

I like May. Not only do I celebrate another birthday, meaning I’m officially another year old–though not as old as Elwood or Ponch–but I also get to hear from Ed Miller. We share the same birthday, even though he is such a youngster.

Ed always calls me ever since I called him while he was SOF one birthday. After he was over being weirded-out, he commented it was the first time a colonel had called him to sing the happy birthday song. My froggy rendition of Happy Birthday garnered me the annual update from him–so it was more than worth the effort.

My Dad and step-Mom visited this week, which is great as we live so fare from our extended families. In addition, our oldest daughter drove down to see us–which is about as good as it gets. We miss her ever since she moved away with her career.

There are roads we don’t drive down in Shreveport anymore–unless we want to feel bad. And who would ever want that?

I’m still working with the company–80 hours each two-weeks. It’s nice to pay the bills. I’m writing as I can. And I’m looking forward to the ACFW conference in September.

Hopefully some of you guys will post here this month–I’m pretty sure the rest of us would appreciate an update.  I know I would.

I’ll post at you later.

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