13 Mar – Time Flies!

Wow, I know I missed in February and it seems I’m late this month!O’well…in January, I went hunting with Jim Melvin & his son (Jake) down by Corpus Christi, TX.  The wife asked why we had to go there to hunt.  Why couldn’t we just hunt around here?  A typical wife question…not realizing that it’s the “hunting adventure” and experience that we go for!  Not to mention a different variety of birds to shoot!

After what happened or didn’t happen, we decided to call it the “TEC” weekend – Tail End Charlie!  We went along as non-guided hunt, meaning we paid for all our food & lodging and paid a small fee for the “guide” to take us out in his boat to “dropped off” at the hunting blind ($125 per person).  Now these blinds are first come first serve basis which is okay if you get out there in time.  As “guided hunt”, you paid extra to stay in a spare cabin on his place & get fed ($275 per pseron).

Well, the first day, the “guided hunting” party (five people) is late getting up, late to come by and pick us up, and late getting to the boat launch ramp.  The guide is using a new air boat that was built by his nephew and is on its maiden voyage – no Functional Check Flight or Ops Check Flight.   Since we were late, the guide was going to “drop off” us first (another party of two).  So I put my gear in the boat but they cannot take us all out.  So Jim, his son Jake and I wait – boat breaks down while dropping off the other “drop off” group.  So the nephew takes us to another area, drops us off with some decoys & some Home Depot buckets to sit on.  It’s a good thing I brought a spare gun; otherwise I’d be up a creek without a paddle – in this case a gun!  Then the nephew takes off with the “guided hunt” and does the same. 

After setting things up, we see ducks flying but they drop in on the other blinds and those hunters are shooting ducks or at least making an effort too.  Finally after about 3 hours, ducks begin to drop in on our decoys – we bag six redheads – no, not the two-legged female human type either!  So we finally begin to pack up our gear, wondering why or when the guide would stop by to get us.  Well they forgot us!

As we’re making our way back to the hotel, we learn that the guide plans to take us out around 2pm for another hunt – he felt bad about that morning.  O’ by the way we had to cross over to this island by ferry that morning.  It took about 10 minutes.  Well by 1130, it took over an hour to cross – Saturday morning traffic!

So we go out that night – Jim, Jake, and I are the last group to get dropped off.  We managed to bag one bird.  So far we’re the only group to bag the most birds.  The other “drop off’ group shoots four ducks.  The “guide hunt” shoots none!

Next day, we go to a different area.  Once more, Jim, Jake, and I are the last group to get dropped off.  After fours of sitting in the blind, we managed to shoot three ducks; two redheads and a pintail.  The other “drop off” group shoots one duck; a merganser.  The “guided hunt” shoots one duck; a redhead.  And here’s the kicker, we’re the last group to get pickup!We were able to borrow some decoys and go out one more day – Martin Luther King Holiday weekend.  We end up with two ducks; a pintail and a redhead.

Hence the “TEC” Weekend!  The “drop offs” outperform the “guided hunt” and paid less!  And we had a blast!  Jake is getting one of his redheads mounted as well as I am too.

img_0726.jpg  img_0723c.jpg

Anyway…until next time,


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