11 March – The Chuck

My brothers:

Tide and time wait for no man. My littlest grandson, Tristan, seems very healthy. We expect him to grow into an amazing man, which is what is needed of his generation–as they will be paying the bills that are stacking up in 2009.

Another $410 billion was just pledged to be collected from America’s future. I’ve lost track of the amounts … a bank bailout, what was that? $180 Billion, then the auto bailout … however many billion that was. Was that all part of the $700 billion last year, just prior to the election? I know the $800 billion or was it more, this January seemed like a lot. Not this nearly 1/2 trillion bucks added on to it. Of course, we’ve got a $4 trillion dollar budget rolling our way soon enough.

That was depressing.

I’m still working–there’s a up-note. And my website is doing well. I had 230 hits yesterday. In one day, 230 unique visitors came to see what I had to say. That’s cool.

Come 16 March, the ABNA 2009 contest will make the cut to the top 500–from a field of 10,000. So that Monday should be exciting for at least 500 people. Did I share the details of my novel with you guys yet?

Probably so. In can you haven’t read it … here’s a commercial for THE DRAGONEERS by Your’s Truly:

Description: THE DRAGONEERS, a historical fantasy set in the antediluvian nation of Sethica, follows the adventures of Susah–the headstrong daughter of the most famous shipwright in history. Susah refuses to join her three brothers in helping her father build a boat that most people believe will never float. She wants to do something exciting with her life. Against her parents’ wishes, she leaves home on a quest to become one of the dragoneers-an elite fraternity of warriors sworn to defend an ancient garden against all trespassers.

Deep in Sethopolis’ roughest neighborhood, the evil giantess Lilith dreams of seizing the secrets of immortality and other powers, which she believes are hidden within the walls of the forbidden garden zone of Eden. Shortly after a mysterious spirit advises Lilith to kill Susah’s entire family in order to achieve her goal, Susah and her three young cousins enter Lilith’s lair. As they run through the city streets for their lives, death pursues them.

Will the assassins kill Susah before she can learn the Sethican warriors’ ancient martial art secrets? Just how good does Susah have to be before the dragoneers will accept a woman into their ranks? Will the dragoneers succeed in defending the garden zone of Eden against the forces of evil, despite Lilith’s perfectly crafted plan?

Could it be possible that the world that existed before the great flood in Genesis was as advanced in some ways or even better in other ways as our world is today? Read and decide for yourself.

After you’ve experienced Susah’s first adventure outside of her father’s garden, you may find yourself referring to the real scriptures–only to discover that THE DRAGONEERS is quite plausible. As wild as Susah’s ride may seem, there really is more to the story than you’ve been told.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on me or the novel, but certainly, leave some comments about you from last month, if you have the time.

The Chuck

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