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Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Do you remember the movie The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?  Based on a novel by Jack Finney, it was a 1956 movie starring Kevin McCarthy and Dyna Winter, and then remade in 1978 starring Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams.  The classic thriller showed people in a small town being replaced with alien clones that morphed out of plant-like pods while their victims slept.  The aliens were exact physical copies of the unfortunate humans whom they killed and then disposed of.  The three defensive techniques used by the humans included running away, trying not to sleep, and when they could find them–killing the aliens while they were still in the pods.  As the story progressed, due to sheer numbers the pods were increasingly successful.

After the aliens successfully entered society, they worked together in their apparent mission to spread additional pods around the world to supplant the entire human race.  The movie was dark and spooky, mostly because it seemed like the aliens were winning and the movie left us hanging as to the ultimate fate of mankind.

Stranger than fiction, there is another invasion going on right now.

Former member and founder of the Black Panther Party, Rep Bobby Rush (D-IL) has introduced a bill to the House Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by Rep John Conyers (D-MI).  If his bill should morph into a law it will supplant enough of the Constitution to alter our way of life forever.

If HR 45 becomes law it will negate the second Amendment by transforming the right to keep and bear arms into a privilege controlled by the government; it will negate the fourth Amendment by permitting government gun hunters to raid any home in search of any unauthorized firearms; it will negate the fifth Amendment by depriving gun-owners of their property without due process of law and without just compensation; and finally, it will further negate the already shredded tenth amendment which at one time limited the powers of the Federal Government.

Can you imagine what will happen when the gun-collection police force goes out to collect everyone’s guns? What will you do?  What will your neighbors do?

Regardless of how you feel about gun-control, you need to understand the threat when Constitutionally subversive bills are introduced into our legislative system.  The Constitution is designed as the supreme law of our land.  Within the margins of that freedom-inspired document is Article V, which spells out the provisions by which amendments can be proposed and ratified.

Yes, it requires serious effort.  Changing the Constitution is a serious business.

To help us understand why we don’t want Congress to make laws that supplant our freedoms and rights affirmed by the Constitution, lets play the same scenario using another right that you might be more fond of, let’s say your right to free speech.

What if some congressman submitted a bill that required all citizens to have a federal license before they could legally own a computer?

The bill could be justified by stating that too many young people are being hurt by hateful words posted on the internet or in emails–an undeniable truth.  Sponsors of the bill could claim that hate-speech kills–we need to protect our children.  To foster public support, they could say that anyone who opposed the bill must want to hurt children.

Once the bill became law, anyone wanting a computer would be investigated by the Attorney General’s office to make sure they weren’t mentally ill or prone to say hateful things.  Their library records, TV viewings, and anything they might have ever posted,  emailed, or read would be reviewed to make sure they met the high standards of the Attorney General.  What would be wrong with that?

Well, to begin with it is prohibited by the Constitution.  You see, the Constitution is supposed to limit the power of the government.  When government gets too powerful you get things like restrictions on owning typewriters as in Hitler’s Germany, the Gulags as in the former USSR and things like, well things like H.R. 45.

If “we the people” believe the Constitution needs to be amended, there is a legal process to do that.  That process is not via a bill. Elected officials are supposed to be stewards of our great nation.  We did not put them in their offices to wage war on our freedoms.  The Freedom Snatchers need to be stopped.  Start today by attacking the pod known as H.R. 45.

Let your congressional representatives know how you feel.  You don’t have to say much, just tell them in your own words that as your representative they need to oppose H.R. 45 (Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sales Act of 2009).  If your representative doesn’t listen to you, you owe it to yourself and your children’s future to vote them out of a job on the next election.

If you’re not sure how to contact your representative, use this link to help you find them.

Don’t give into these dark and spooky attempts to snatch your freedoms. For the time being, our Constitution is merely shaken and not completely broken, if we all do what we can to preserve, protect, and defend it we won’t be left hanging as to the fate of mankind.

Abraham Lincoln said America was mankind’s last great hope.  H.R. 45 is anti-Constitutional and thus un-American, it must be stopped.

Don’t be caught sleeping this time because when our Constitution is supplanted there will be no place left for any of us to run.

It just makes sense.

13 Mar – Time Flies!

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Wow, I know I missed in February and it seems I’m late this month!O’well…in January, I went hunting with Jim Melvin & his son (Jake) down by Corpus Christi, TX.  The wife asked why we had to go there to hunt.  Why couldn’t we just hunt around here?  A typical wife question…not realizing that it’s the “hunting adventure” and experience that we go for!  Not to mention a different variety of birds to shoot!

After what happened or didn’t happen, we decided to call it the “TEC” weekend – Tail End Charlie!  We went along as non-guided hunt, meaning we paid for all our food & lodging and paid a small fee for the “guide” to take us out in his boat to “dropped off” at the hunting blind ($125 per person).  Now these blinds are first come first serve basis which is okay if you get out there in time.  As “guided hunt”, you paid extra to stay in a spare cabin on his place & get fed ($275 per pseron).

Well, the first day, the “guided hunting” party (five people) is late getting up, late to come by and pick us up, and late getting to the boat launch ramp.  The guide is using a new air boat that was built by his nephew and is on its maiden voyage – no Functional Check Flight or Ops Check Flight.   Since we were late, the guide was going to “drop off” us first (another party of two).  So I put my gear in the boat but they cannot take us all out.  So Jim, his son Jake and I wait – boat breaks down while dropping off the other “drop off” group.  So the nephew takes us to another area, drops us off with some decoys & some Home Depot buckets to sit on.  It’s a good thing I brought a spare gun; otherwise I’d be up a creek without a paddle – in this case a gun!  Then the nephew takes off with the “guided hunt” and does the same. 

After setting things up, we see ducks flying but they drop in on the other blinds and those hunters are shooting ducks or at least making an effort too.  Finally after about 3 hours, ducks begin to drop in on our decoys – we bag six redheads – no, not the two-legged female human type either!  So we finally begin to pack up our gear, wondering why or when the guide would stop by to get us.  Well they forgot us!

As we’re making our way back to the hotel, we learn that the guide plans to take us out around 2pm for another hunt – he felt bad about that morning.  O’ by the way we had to cross over to this island by ferry that morning.  It took about 10 minutes.  Well by 1130, it took over an hour to cross – Saturday morning traffic!

So we go out that night – Jim, Jake, and I are the last group to get dropped off.  We managed to bag one bird.  So far we’re the only group to bag the most birds.  The other “drop off’ group shoots four ducks.  The “guide hunt” shoots none!

Next day, we go to a different area.  Once more, Jim, Jake, and I are the last group to get dropped off.  After fours of sitting in the blind, we managed to shoot three ducks; two redheads and a pintail.  The other “drop off” group shoots one duck; a merganser.  The “guided hunt” shoots one duck; a redhead.  And here’s the kicker, we’re the last group to get pickup!We were able to borrow some decoys and go out one more day – Martin Luther King Holiday weekend.  We end up with two ducks; a pintail and a redhead.

Hence the “TEC” Weekend!  The “drop offs” outperform the “guided hunt” and paid less!  And we had a blast!  Jake is getting one of his redheads mounted as well as I am too.

img_0726.jpg  img_0723c.jpg

Anyway…until next time,


11 March – The Chuck

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

My brothers:

Tide and time wait for no man. My littlest grandson, Tristan, seems very healthy. We expect him to grow into an amazing man, which is what is needed of his generation–as they will be paying the bills that are stacking up in 2009.

Another $410 billion was just pledged to be collected from America’s future. I’ve lost track of the amounts … a bank bailout, what was that? $180 Billion, then the auto bailout … however many billion that was. Was that all part of the $700 billion last year, just prior to the election? I know the $800 billion or was it more, this January seemed like a lot. Not this nearly 1/2 trillion bucks added on to it. Of course, we’ve got a $4 trillion dollar budget rolling our way soon enough.

That was depressing.

I’m still working–there’s a up-note. And my website is doing well. I had 230 hits yesterday. In one day, 230 unique visitors came to see what I had to say. That’s cool.

Come 16 March, the ABNA 2009 contest will make the cut to the top 500–from a field of 10,000. So that Monday should be exciting for at least 500 people. Did I share the details of my novel with you guys yet?

Probably so. In can you haven’t read it … here’s a commercial for THE DRAGONEERS by Your’s Truly:

Description: THE DRAGONEERS, a historical fantasy set in the antediluvian nation of Sethica, follows the adventures of Susah–the headstrong daughter of the most famous shipwright in history. Susah refuses to join her three brothers in helping her father build a boat that most people believe will never float. She wants to do something exciting with her life. Against her parents’ wishes, she leaves home on a quest to become one of the dragoneers-an elite fraternity of warriors sworn to defend an ancient garden against all trespassers.

Deep in Sethopolis’ roughest neighborhood, the evil giantess Lilith dreams of seizing the secrets of immortality and other powers, which she believes are hidden within the walls of the forbidden garden zone of Eden. Shortly after a mysterious spirit advises Lilith to kill Susah’s entire family in order to achieve her goal, Susah and her three young cousins enter Lilith’s lair. As they run through the city streets for their lives, death pursues them.

Will the assassins kill Susah before she can learn the Sethican warriors’ ancient martial art secrets? Just how good does Susah have to be before the dragoneers will accept a woman into their ranks? Will the dragoneers succeed in defending the garden zone of Eden against the forces of evil, despite Lilith’s perfectly crafted plan?

Could it be possible that the world that existed before the great flood in Genesis was as advanced in some ways or even better in other ways as our world is today? Read and decide for yourself.

After you’ve experienced Susah’s first adventure outside of her father’s garden, you may find yourself referring to the real scriptures–only to discover that THE DRAGONEERS is quite plausible. As wild as Susah’s ride may seem, there really is more to the story than you’ve been told.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on me or the novel, but certainly, leave some comments about you from last month, if you have the time.

The Chuck

Somebody Check the Gages

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Most people will agree that pilots are amazing.  The flying public trust them ever day to take them safely to where they want to go.  The rest of the people trust the pilots not to drop an airplane on them.  When that trust is violated, and a pilot fails to keep his passengers and the people below his aircraft safe, it is not only a tragedy–it is a surprise.

It is a surprise because we trust pilots to do their job.  They can do their jobs because pilots trust their gages.

Yes, the gages.  Those wonderful gages that tell a pilot what the airplane is doing–even inside a cloud–is the reason pilots appear to be almost super heros to most people.  Early in their training, pilots are taught to trust their gages over their feelings–often referred to as “the seat of the pants” feelings that everyone else trusts to help them live their lives.

Two-dimensional thinking and “seat of the pants” feelings killed many of the pilots at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Over the ages, we learned from their mistakes.  And we developed certain technologies to help us over come those same traps that await us all, if we only trust our feelings over quantifiable indicators of safe progress.

Pilots who are fully qualified are often referred to as Instrument Pilots, those are the only pilot who can legally fly aircraft in all weather conditions.  Fair weather pilots may enthusiastically entertain non-pilots with great tales of aviation exploits, but it would be dangerous indeed to allow such a pilot to take you into a cloud.

We’re in cloud of a different sort today.  A cloud of fiscal confusion and great economic downturn.   The federal government, controlled by a Democrat Party Senate, House, and President are spending American taxpayers money faster than it can be produced.  The numbers are stultifying.

Before the November 2008 election, the Democratic Party controlled Senate and Congress voted in a $700 billion “bail out” for Wall Street.  President Bush, a Republican President finishing up his second term, did nothing to stop it.  His “uniter not a divider” doctrine of politics gave the liberal Legislatures free reign on American taxpayers.

If you remember, John McCain suspended his campaign to go back to Washington to work the economic crisis.  It was there that he was politically assaulted by Democrat Party leadership (Obama, Reid, and Pelosi).  Their political tactics helped convince the voting public that America needed to vote Barrack Obama into to office.  After all, we’ve been taught that “It’s the economy, Stupid.”

If the economy is doing well, most Americans are usually satisfied with the government.  Oh, there might be little bumps and turbulence during the trip, but if we arrive safely and on time, we soon forget what it was we were complaining about.

When the stocks markets closed on an up-swing on 4 November 2008, several news sources said it all about America’s confidence that Barrack Obama was going to win.  The Dow Jones closed at 9625, the NASDAQ closed at 1780, and the S&P closed at 1006.  Of course the markets had been higher back in November of 2006.

Back then the Dow Jones was 12,106, the NASDAQ was 2369, and the S&P was 1364.  What happened after that?  Well, the Democrat Party won the mid-term elections on a call for change to the so-called “failed Bush policies” and we were saddled with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as our legislative leaders.

For the record, the Constitution gives budgetary power to Congress–they are the money folks.  The President can either go along with them or oppose them, but they ultimately decide the status of all spending bills.

Now, we really can’t blame Barrack Obama for any failed economic polices from 2006.  Or can we?  Did you know he was a first-term Senator during that time?  While he supported the Pelosi/Reid economic bills, he wasn’t part of Congressional leadership.  So, we should probably give him the benefit of the doubt for that time.

But what about since the election?  There are so many spending bills getting cycled through congress–billions and trillions of dollars–it is hard for a regular guy to keep track of them.  But it is fairly easy to look at some economic indicators.

        Nov 6, 2006        Nov 4, 2008        Mar 5, 2009
DJIA        12,106            9,625                6,595
NASDAQ       2,369            1,780                1,299
S&P          1,364            1,006                  682

Since the Democratic Party took control of both houses of Congress, the Dow and the NASDAQ have dropped over 45% and the S&P is down 50%.  However, well-over half of that collapse has occurred since the 2008 Presidential election.  Is that change you can believe in?  Here’s a “gages-presentation” of the national economic degradation since the 2008 election:


How about your personal economic degradation over the last two years? How’s your IRA or TSP or 401K doing?  If it is down less that 45% over the last two years, that means your account managers are beating the national averages.  How’s the market value of your house holding up?  And the jobless rate was just released–8.1%–that is the highest rate since 1983.  If you’re one of those 12.5 million people, it probably doesn’t make you want to celebrate very much.

Certainly the market and economy will turn around, right?  After all, how low can it go?

Which reminds me of a story that the scotch-sipping, cigar-smoking comedian Ron White once shared.  According to the story, he was on an airplane that lost an engine. His pilot announced that while the aircraft could no longer maintain altitude, the plane’s remaining engine would extend their glide distance.

The guy sitting next to Ron asked, “How far will one engine take us?”

Rod said, “All the way to the crash site.”

Insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results.  Failed policies don’t turn into best practices just because you increase the amount you spend on them.

Something has to be done about the death-spiral our economy has entered into with run-away government spending and the unprecedented levels of nationalization of our once capitalistic system–before we reach the crash site.

It just makes sense.

Happy Birthday

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

dsc00364.JPGTo Tristan. My newest grandson. He was born at 0232 and the little fellow weighs 5 pounds 15 ounces.dsc00366.JPG

Daughter is tired but well. She fought the hospital over a repeat C-sec (as her twins were born like that), eventhough everyone at the hospital now hates her. They threatened to kick her out when she didn’t agree to fall in line, but it proved to be something easier to say than to actually do.

The big boys are staying with us for a while.