February 15, where is time going…

Good Morning and month to the BoBs.

Just a quick update to you all, thank you for letting me know what is going on in the USAF with your posts. I wanted to comment on life away from the USAF.

Yesterday, two things showed me the connection we have through our service. One was a veteran who is ill and in the VA Hospital, and the other was a comment by a UH Professor.

The veteran hired me based upon my military service to help him right a will. What was really neat was finding out that this veteran had served in the Navy, and then transferred into the Army. As he stated the Navy was a Bunch of sissys. His comment made me laugh, and summed up this 1965 era ground FAC. The veterans seemed frail physically, but alert mentally. He told me he selected me to help him write his last will and testament, the living will (durable power of attorney), and the other documents to provide him his end-of-life request. I found it very sad, but pleasing to know that we were connected based upon our military service.

While I was there, the VFW popped in the room and gave the veteran a camouflaged Goodie bag containing some personal hygiene items and a pair of socks. There is also a card drawn by a local elementary student. The veteran was quite pleased with the socks and the card. He also enjoyed the other items stating, “this is quite a haul.”

I discovered he was a private pilot. Moreover, when I asked him about flying he really perked up. We talked about the differences between Cessna and Pipers aircraft, and talked about how he it started to learn instruments sometime in his flying career.

Later that evening, I was talking to a good friend of mine who is a University of Houston Professor. She commented that veterans really do have a special connection. I had responded to two of my friend’s comments about how veterans are treated. Essentially, they thought it was a shame how veterans seemed to be treated, and one reported about the horrible conditions at a VA hospital.

My comments concerned the $798 billion bailout, and there did not appear to be any money for Tricare, which in turn affects veterans. Both of my friends had not even considered why Congress was not helping the veteran. Of course, they thought that the veterans were receiving more care based upon all the photo opportunities that they saw on the TV or in the newspaper.

The proposed TRICARE fee increases show me that once again when everyone is receiving “free money” Congress is not serious about fixing the problems for military members or veterans. Until veterans form, a cohesive voting bloc I do not think Congress will provide the care or respect to veterans.

I am considering how best to support MOAA’s fight against TRICARE fee increases, so if you know of anything please let me know. I may try to include that on my blog of my law firm’s website.

Thank you and God bless. Bob

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  1. The Chuck says:

    Thank you for the well-thought out piece. We are living in interesting times.

    Our lives are as whispers of smoke. Still, each day counts, each day matters. I believe the synergy of each veteran’s defense of our freedoms will sustain us over the years to come.

    That belief is sometimes shaken when I view the great power-ticks who promise and take, then promise and take. And now seem to be swelling to global proportions. Will they burst from their waxing thirst before they drain us dry?

    Wait and see.

    Still freedom stands. For now.

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