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Edwards Duck ReserveGooseHowdy all,



Time to catch up since the last post. Not allot going on over the Christmas Holiday.

Andy, I did some duck hunting with a retired SSgt (Slackjaw) Waldon I met here at NGC. Strangely enough it was on Edwards AFB in the middle of the desert! (see pics) Just like Barksdale AFB… the enviro types feel it’s necessary to attract large flying animal targets into the area where high speed jet aircraft fly….Sux for the pilots and tax payers but make for a hell of a good time for those who own shotguns.

As you can see we bagged a few spoons a widgeon and a snow goose. The snow goose was a gift from another group of hunters who spooked it off a lake north of us while driving along the access road. Damn thing nearly flew into the blind with us, as we hunkered down in disbelief.

It was clear blue and sunny that day and geese are well known for there great eye sight and distrust of anything that resembles a duck blind. This was a young one so it got culled from the heard for lack of experience or a stupid gene…don’t know which one…though the results were the same.

I tired a Louisiana (tur-ducken) recipe by de-boneing the goose and stuffing with sausage before stuffing both into a de-boned chicken. Worked out rather well.

Still waiting on the mirror for our new telescope. I guess the mirror maker is either slow or a perfectionist. I hope the later.

Jim, don’t remember a Kawalski at Wurstmith other then the Buff co-pilot type who went on to the KC-10. I ran into that Kawalski in Hawaii a few year back. If it’s the same guy…very interesting he would make BG.



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