2009 BoB

Haven’t written in a while, but then, not much has been happening.  Still taking care of the little old ladies, making small renovations, and traveling to see my sons in Omaha.  Wrist is doing about the same, still stiff and sore at times, but I guess that is the way it will be.  It is definitely useable with minor limits, so no big deal.

 I’m curious about some of the news I’ve been reading, wonder if anyone cares to comment or add.  BGen Jim Kowalski is going to head up the provisional SAC-redux Global Strike Command.  I knew him at Wurtsmith, early mid-80’s, pretty mellow, quiet guy.  Anybody know him later as he’s gone up in rank–is he the right guy to get this thing off the ground?  I respect his rank, he wouldn’t have made BG without something on the ball, and I know he won’t be the final commander, but this will still meet lots of institutional resistance, in spite of any top down leadership or presidential panels, in the competition for resources, and you can bet the fighter pukes won’t give up a thing.

Second, according to Air Force Magazine on-line, “The new B-52 unit that the Air Force intends to establish at Minot AFB, N.D., will apparently be called the 69th Bomb Squadron. So reported the Minot Daily News Jan. 10, citing a senior Air Force civil engineer who briefed members of the Minot area chamber of commerce on the previous day on the service’s basing plans.”  I guess if it was good enough for Loring, it’s good enough for Minot?  Still has the permafrost attached to the name… but I think it should have been the 72nd Bomb Squadron, which was the unit there from 1994 – 1996.

Cheers to all, hope that you have a great 2009!


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