12 January…

I hope everyone survived the New Year’s celebration & festivities!

Christmas went well this year; everyone around the tree, gifts exchanged, and fellowship with family was wonderful!  No returns, so we didn’t have the fight off the crowds the day after or those after Christmas sales.  Pretty much stayed home this year.  Heather & I did make it down to Natchitoches, LA for their Saturday Night fireworks and Christmas lighting – we go there just in time for the fireworks!  Then we headed into one of their local eatery for some dinner and then strolled along their Riverwalk to see the entertainment & lights.

Duck season finished up this week around Barksdale.  I managed to bag about 22 ducks; split between Wood ducks and Gadwalls (close to a Mallard, but not as colorful).  Jim Melvin and I are planning to head towards Corpus Christi, TX for a weekend shoot, mainly Red Heads.  He plans to take his son along and maybe my son…if he can get time off from work.

Chuck…good luck on your writing contest.

Ponch…hang in there among the “Liberals”.   Just remember, they too shall pass…like kidney stones, but they do pass! LoL

James…how is the research going into your family’s history?  Weren’t you also looking into Lt Frank Luke’s story?

Elwood…how’s your health?

Anyway…wife is home and most go.

Until next time, take care!


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