Obamanation Nightmare

Howdy All


I am…of course… in a particular foul mood.  I think we all knew this was going to happen; and now we are faced with the reality.  So… I avoid watching much television and news paper reading, internet news ect ect. 


Still I keep reviewing over and over again in my mind and in my nightmares the notion that we “the Americans” are riding on the Titanic that just hit the mother of all ice burgs, in the middle of shark infested ice water….and most of the passengers are planning to attend the inauguration ball for the new captain.  Hell the ship stewards are all out crying “change is coming and the new captain wants everyone to start taking swimming lessons!”  The ships officers are all in meetings developing plans to sue the maker of the ice burg and the kitchen staff is holding contest on who can hold their breath the longest. Of course the ships finance officer is handing out dixie cups so we can start bailing when the water gets over the gunwales.  The captain has assured us that he has signaled the SS France, SS Russia, SS Cuba and SS Iran for advice on navigation.  They have all forwarded detailed plans for replacing the port holes with screen doors.  The ship’s news paper men are broadcasting that under the new administration everyone will be employed in new high paying jobs as whale watchers.  Hell you won’t even have to leave your birth to see the sea life. You will have your own port hole view!  Who needs internet porn when you can watch half naked mermaids!
As for me and my lot we have purchased our berths in the California section were the Cali nut-jobs have decided not to wait for the ice berg damage to sink the ship.  No they have listened to the NEA teachers section and have decided that Archimedes was wrong –because he was a bitter old white man — So they have started drilling holes in the boat hull (and each other) to let the water out.  As for the upper class berths, there will be no escape on the few life boats.  No the California groups have launched all the life boats with the livestock on board to provide more living space for the chickens, hogs and cows. 
Besides all the San Francisco men have are already dressed as women and children…no not to escape on the boats…they are holding a protest rally on the promenade in drag, until the new captain marry’s them to each other. Down below in the third class berths all the poor assholes, after drinking the blue cool-aid, are trying to lift the boat and make it fly by pulling on their shoe strings chanting “yes we can”.    

 I can’t imagine having to tred 30 degree water for eight years. My only solace is being able to watch some of the idiots who voted for this
Moron drown first. 


Oh yeah Happy Vets Day!


Peace Out!

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  1. The Chuck says:


    You’re a gifted orator and writer. I think you could do well with your own column using such poetry.

    Remember to leave a little room for optimism, just in-case you’re wrong.

    The Chuck

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