11 Nov 2008 – The Chuck

Veterans’ Day … a day we remember the millions of folks, much like you and I, who served our nation. I know all of us, even though we get lost in the details occasionally, know our nation has its own version of “revolution” every 4-years (but don’t forget the mini-revolution we have every 2-years).

It’s not a lot different from what we experienced in the service. In 32 years I had 18 assignments and I had 32 commanders (I might be off by 3% or so). Your ratio was probably something close to that.

The lesson that came out of that was not to worry too much if you drew an idiot for a commander–he’d be moving on before too long. Likewise, if you drew a great commander you weren’t supposed to get to used to him because he’d be gone soon enough too.

There’s a great lesson in life that comes from that. Don’t put your faith in mortal kings. Unless you can shield yourself from the media completely, you’ve had your eyes and ears assaulted with the rejoicing of the loud-mouthed 52% “majority” who think they’ve elected the Messiah.

As we watch our Misery Index rise over the next couple of years, you might have a chance to ask somebody, “How do you like him now?” Of course, it’s way to early for that. Believe me when I say you’ll get your chance to ask somebody that … remember to have smile on your face when you say it–you’ll feel better for it.

We really should pray for BHO because the worse he does, the more we’ll feel it. I believe he’s very smart, it’s possible that he only pretended to be a Marxist in order to get the 52% to excrete their support. I really hope he does a good job for America.

I pray he is convicted, or even haunted by the Holy Spirit every time he shuts his eyes to think about the 50,000,0000 Americans who’ve been slaughtered since 1973 in the American Holocaust. Maybe that will encourage him to consider nominating Supreme Court judges who are at least open to discussing overturning Roe-v-Wade instead of being militantly supportive of abortion on demand.

I pray that when he looks at the Flag he notices that the red is the color of the blood shed by generations of American’s who’ve ensured our freedom. Maybe that will make him reconsider his rhetoric that he might dismantle our military advantage over the peoples who hate us and want to kill us.

I pray that whenever he sees a penny on the ground, he will understand that massive tax-hikes during an economic down-turn will result in worse economic conditions. Then he will also understand that the destruction of the US economy will not just hurt “the rich” but it will bring great misery to other folks too.

If BHO was the pilot of an airliner you were a passenger on, you’d want him to fly safe and land well. Even more so, if your family were passengers. As President he’ll “have the aircraft” for the next four-years.

Even if he does as poorly as some may think he will do, let us not forget:

The Tomb is still empty. We serve a risen Savior. God is in control. Nothing can change any of that.

Happy Veterans’ Day my Band of Brothers.

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