Bob in Houston town

Good evening one and all,

I just wanted to say hello to everybody, and let you know that I enjoy the videos and the commentaries that are posted on here.  I do not get to write a lot, because as I have mentioned I have opened my own small business.   For me it is exciting, and scary at the same time.  I have now hired a legal assistant, a paralegal, and have a Secretary that helps me.  Now before you get too excited the legal assistant and the paralegal are part time and I cannot pay the wages they deserve.

So far we are undefeated in legal issues.  the firm has started operating six days a week, which sometimes means that I work seven days a week.  Hopefully that’ll be for a short while, but it is such an exciting and interesting world that I do not mind the long weeks.  I have a current case at the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, which is taking up a lot of our time.  the case involves a Korean War veteran.  I really hope to get his VA benefits for him.  On the other hand we have some local trials which is very interesting.  I mainly due consumer law with a specialization of landlord-tenant and home repair issues.  The consumer law cases or paying the bills, until hopefully we start earning money through the veterans claims.

We currently have about 30 veteran claims that are being worked.  So far we are doing pretty well.

One thing that I wanted to state to all of the all is that by reading your posts, they remind me what a very talented and diverse group that you are.  It is quite interesting to see a telescope being built, read about the home improvement projects, and just remember what wonderful people you are.

I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.  I hope each one of you has a wonderful week and if your down in Texas and especially in Houston please give a call.  Bob

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