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Finally got some time to write a little for the BoB.  I have enjoyed Andy’s videos.  Probably too much as it reminds me of the hole in my heart left by not being able to fly the Buff anymore.  It always amazes me how few people really know what we did and how we did it – from the sacrifices we made to the absolute sheer fun and enjoyment we felt.   Gratz to Andy for getting a small part of the history out for folks to enjoy.  I was looking for my password for the Blog in old e-mail and a found an e-mail that I sent to Chuck back in 2006.  We had just moved to Southern California from Shreveport and the shock of what we found out here was in full force.  I did’nt realise that my rant about conditions locally and in the country in general would be so accurate.  Here is what I wrote Nov 2006: (“How are things in Shreveport?   We miss this time of year there when it finally gets cool. We sure miss the people there.  Britt made the same comment that California is full of some weird and bad people.  Nobody on our block talks to anyone else.  Hawaii was the same way.  They have made everything so competitive and restrictive and have given rights to the wrong people out here so that everyone looks at their neighbor with suspicion and hatred.  Just in our community (Palmdale/Lancaster) there are over 3000 section 8 homes. This makes owning a home a real crap shoot.  You can buy in a nice hood and have a piece of crap move in right beside you devaluing the whole area.  The homes are going for $400,000 to $800,000 for a place comparable to the place we left in Bossier.  These prices are extremely over valued as there is nothing….and I mean nothing! about the local area that is worth that much.  I truly believe the prices reflect a hidden wave of real-estate speculation that hit the nation over the past few years.  I also think that a huge correction is in order along with a real bad ass-whipping for the economy for supporting so much fraudulent speculation.  You can not believe what sells for one half million dollars here!  All sorts of people who should not have gotten loans have property that is way over their heads.  You can tell because there are scores of newer homes with absolutely no landscaping or improvements from the time they were bought.  I think when these people start going bankrupt –because they can’t flip the house and get out with a handful of cash — the economy will decline steeply. The fool banks are going to take a big hit — oops I mean the fool tax payers because the loans are federally insured. Oh well I guess the fool tax payers are going to take a beating from all sides again.  There is something about living in a democracy when the people figure out it’s easier to vote your neighbors money into their pockets instead of working for it.  I think the Greeks warned that this is what kills democracy.  We are right there now.”) 

Ouch!  I’m no Prophet for sure!!! Though it’s really gotta make you think that if a stupid Schlub like me could see this mess coming two years ago, what has that got to say about our country’s fearless leadership, both current and future wanabee’s. Alas being a “Casandra” is a punishment only the Gods can levey against a human. I have to watch TV with a time delay because anytime Obama or McCain show there lying mugs on the screen I have to fast forward past until Sara Palin is playing (now there is a a short skirt and a pair of legs you can vote for…Oei vegh!!). did we get in this mess? Obama scares hell out of me as I see him as being the last great bomb thrown at our country by that hippy commy asshole Bill Ayers.  Then of course, to our rescue rides McCain and his campaign of middle of the road luke warm tapioca pudding for all….lord help us(:-O  Well enough about that stuff.  Still working on the telescope project.  I missed our completion date for the California State Star party.  The mirror vendor we contracted last January was unable to complete the project.  It was a gamble from the outset as we where investing in new technology that was supposed to help alleviate allot of the problems with large glass mirrors.  We had to fire that vendor and I contracted with a guy from Portland Oregon to make a more conventional mirror.  He quoted a delivery date of this October so we are still waiting on the optics for the scope. My son and I still attended the California Star Party and had a great time.  It was a week of perfect weather and grand viewing.  We slept next to our telescope on cots I rented from the base.  We had allot of fun abusing the hippies from San Francisco that sponsored the event. Most are from the silicon valley and are ubber rich so we could’nt lord too much over them.  We did hang a McCain Palin sign from our tent to offset the Obama bumber stickers and Toyota Prius’s parked around.

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  1. The Chuck says:

    I think you might be a prophet. Keep making forecasts, we might be able to figure out a way to bet on your predictions.

    BTW, your post is being read by a lot of people.

    The Chuck

    “The sun don’t shine on one dog all the time.”

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