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Marxist Is As Marxist Does

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Barbara West, WFTV news anchor, interviewed Senator Joe Biden and caused quite a stir with her question, “You may recognize this famous quote, ‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’ That’s from Karl Marx. How is Senator Obama not being a Marxist if he intends to spread the wealth around?”

What followed was an attempt to stir up national outrage. Biden denied Obama had any plans to spread the wealth around, the campaign put WFTV on a restricted list, and a small army of minions countered the suggestion on various news networks. Some people have suggested “Marxism” is just another code word for racists. The apparent goal is for anyone who makes the comparison to appear to be racist, ignorant, or an idiot.

A lot of energy was invested into attacking the questioner, as it was when Joe the Plumber asked Obama if he would pay more taxes under Obama’s plan.

But those on the left do nothing to explain how Obama’s ideals are not Marxist. To make the connection, we need to know something about Marxism and where it came from.

So what is Marxism? Who was Karl Marx? What came of Marxism? So what?

Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Prussia (modern day Germany) in 1818 to a family with a reputation for producing rabbis. Breaking with that tradition, his mother and father had embraced Christianity. Hirschel Marx, his father, was a wealthy businessman and provided for young Karl Marx’s needs. Hirschel was distrubed after Karl went to the University of Bonn and grew arrogant, contemptuous, and selfish.

Can you relate with that? Your kid goes to college and becomes someone you don’t know.

Karl Marx goes to college and rejects everything his parents have tried to teach him. His early writings (Han Events, Vol. XVI, No. 43, Article Section II) expressed a hatred for Jewish people with words unacceptable for repetition in 21st century America media. One of young Karl’s mentors was the atheist Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, a professional academic who used his intellectual talents to craft convincing arguments to the spiritual weak that humanism was the secret to happiness. Karl Marx sucked it up with a straw.

Karl’s mind raced away with Feuerbach’s principles. After he left college, he married and failed at an attempt to make a living as a journalist in Paris and Brussels. They moved to London in 1849. Eventually forlorn Jenny von Westphalen-Marx longed for death as an escape her miserable existence with Karl. Marx cared nothing about the feelings of others, he was immersed into developing his economic and political theories.

Marx spoke of class struggles as a state of being. To solve the problem he was against everything behind classes to include all churches and all existing governments. Everything needed to be brushed away and replaced with something else–a new Order. Propagating class-hatred to achieve a vague concept of perfection, he denied the foundation for inherent rights. To eliminate class struggles all individual rights had to be cut away.

Ironically the governments that were established under Marxism ideology were nothing more than a dictatorship cloaked in the facade of a “people’s government.” Twenty-first century examples that remain are Cuba and North Korea. Are you ready to move to those utopias? Have a nice trip.

Communism, the brand of socialism espoused by Marx, had limited success in the second half of the twentieth century. The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic aspired to conquer the entire world through a series of peoples revolutions and direct invasions, but were opposed by a policy of containment by the west. That struggle of containment was called the “Cold War” and ended on December 25, 1991. The USSR’s hammer-and-sickle adorned banner was lowered from over the Kremlin and never went back up. Even though a arsenal of Armageddon-potential had been readied, it was never used–because it was readied. But that’s another discussion.

So, what happens in Marxism?

Change. Marx called for lots of change, he wanted everything destroyed and replaced with something else. A lot of people believed him and modeled governments that resulted in misery for the people. Be careful when the only thing you want is change. Look through the annals of history and you’ll see that all populist leaders came to power on that mantra. Change is great word in theory, but the details of that change in practice can be disappointing.

Humans have no inherent rights. Not even the first amendment? Is the ban on WFTV just the tip of the iceberg of how an Obama-led government will deal with hard questions?

Central government controls everything. Is it really patriotic to pay more taxes as Joe Biden says?

Class warfare. Identified by Marx as a constant. Exploited by Marxists everywhere. Used by dictators to keep the people at odds with each other while they continue to build their own power. All the while, the Marxist goal is to strip all rights from all people.

Is it any wonder that any politician would deny any suggestion of a resemblance with Marxism. But is denial enough?

We face a lot of problems in America today. We need solutions. But more government is not always the best solution.

Marxist is as Marxist does.

It just makes sense.

Troy E. Rushing

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

I didn’t expect to see his picture in the obituaries this morning. The paper said he’d passed away Friday, October 24 at Christus Schumpert Highland Hospital. I didn’t know he was in the hospital–it might have been sudden. I don’t know.

The last email I had from him was on Oct 5th, which ended with two quotations. The first, very serious, as our lives are in times like these:

Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood — the virtues that made America. – Theodore Roosevelt, 1917

The second, sure to bring a smile to your face, a Burma Shave jingle from 1950:

A whiskery kiss
For the one
You adore
May not make her mad
But her face will be sore

His email concerned an up-coming Centenary Writers Club meeting on 10 Oct, which was going to be my last chance to see him in this world. But I missed it — my loss.

Our lives just briefly touched each other in the Centenary Writers Club and the few emails we exchanged. I definitely got most out of that relationship.

His wit and humor were always sharp. I used to read his writings from our meetings to Cindy after I got home.

He played basketball for the LSU-Baton Rouge Tigers from 1953-1958. Retired after 30 years of being a Senior Research Chemist for Pennzoil Products. He was a member of Broadmoor United Methodist Church, the Sons of the American Revolution, Shreveport Writers Club, and Centenary Writers Club. He authored two books, Hubcaps Biscuits and Corncob Wars and Hominy Ridge.

I wished I’d known him longer. But I’m thankful for the little time our lives did over-lap. I can’t help but thinking of the brief experience as something like a Burma-Shave advertisement metaphor. For the very young, they were like mini-billboards along the old highways. Five or six signs and the last one always said “Burma-Shave.”

I read his writings, I smiled, and I’m better for it.

Thanks for the jingle, Troy. You’re missed by many.

Give Me a Number

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, according to the Declaration of Independence, are some of your inalienable rights.

So here’s an easy question for you: Do you agree?

If you do, then you also agree with the early Americans who declared that some rights are given to people by an authority higher than the local, state, or federal governments. Inalienable rights are endowed to people by God and are not legally subject to infringement by a government. The Declaration insists that people have the right to alter or abolish a government that attempts to do such things. Such insistence was proven by the blood of patriots. So now it is a fact and not just a belief.

Thus some arguments since then have not been whether people have inalienable rights. Rather it has been about who is really a person. Sounds ludicrous at the surface, but when you dig deeper selfish motives can be uncovered.

In 1857, the US Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision on the Dred Scott case that Africans residing in America, whether free or slave, could not become citizens. In other words, they were not people. From a 21st century viewpoint, the decision is not only wrong it is criminal. Just a few years after that landmark law-of-the-land ruling, America was thrust into the most violent and costly war of its history.

Following the Civil War, a series of Constitutional Amendments and legislative action worked together to culminate with the 1873 Slaughter-House Cases, which was a 5-4 decision that is generally recognized as the over-turning of Dred Scott.

Five to four? After sixteen years of blood shed, destruction of property, violence, debate, rebuilding and three Amendments–it was still that close! It is apparent that the folks who get on the Supreme Court can influence the nation for a long time. We need to be careful who we hire to select our future judges. As important as freedom is, we still want to be considered a human by our nation’s highest court.

Take another landmark case, Roe v Wade, when the US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in 1973 that an unborn human is not a person. Thus the right to life, liberty, and property and due process of law does not apply to the unborn.

Since then, 35 years later, somewhere around 50 million unborn Americans have had their births aborted. That’s a lot of people. If they really were people. If they really were human. How can we know? Is it a faith question or fact question?

Bible believers know that life begins at conception. (see Psalm 139:13, 16) Not everyone believes the Bible. Some people think it is just something that simple people cling to when they’re confused or threaten. Those people might believe in science.

So what does science tell us?

In 2003, science actually mapped the genome of the human species. While mannequins, statues, wax figures, cartoon characters, and even some animals might look something like a human, science knows that it is our DNA that makes us human. Certain chromosomes and genes and chemical pairs all work together to make a human. That combination is in all of our cells. Even the one made at the moment of conception.

Wow. Science proves Psalm 139:13. What goes around comes around. It’s not just a belief, it’s a scientific fact.

That means 50 million humans have been killed in America because they were too weak to defend themselves from a cultural bias against them. Just because it has been legal doesn’t make it right. Just like the Dred Scott Decision, it seems more than wrong, it seems criminal.

What have we done to ourselves? What are we still doing?

Who is so gifted with clairvoyance to declare with certainty that most of those aborted 50 million humans would be in our prisons or on our welfare roles if they had lived? Such a statement is the most vile form of stereotyping.

Not everyone who starts with meager means or limited parents are doomed to a parasitic existence. Nearly half of those people would now be adults in the workforce. They’d be buying houses, cars, and investing in the stock market. They’d have children of their own. They’d be paying taxes. They’d be good Americans making the best of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

So what do we do now? What can we do?

We can’t start where we were, only where we are. If we can’t stop killing unborn Americans now, how about if we just set a limit on it? How do we do that? To start with, it takes a combination of audacity and luck.

If fate should offer you a Joe-the-Plumber moment, here’s a simple but tough question for your candidate of opportunity:

Since science has already proven that the genome is what determines if someone is a human and since 1973 we’ve already prematurely ended about 50 million American lives with our abortion industry, how many more human lives should be ended before we stop? Is it 75 million? Would 100 million be enough or too many? We really need a number.

If you can’t get a number from them, maybe they think we’ve already exceeded our quota. Ask them that too, if you haven’t been shouted down by the culture that doesn’t believe everyone is created equal. This problem isn’t just going to go away by itself.

It just makes sense.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Telescope 2Telescope pictureHi All,

Finally got some time to write a little for the BoB.  I have enjoyed Andy’s videos.  Probably too much as it reminds me of the hole in my heart left by not being able to fly the Buff anymore.  It always amazes me how few people really know what we did and how we did it – from the sacrifices we made to the absolute sheer fun and enjoyment we felt.   Gratz to Andy for getting a small part of the history out for folks to enjoy.  I was looking for my password for the Blog in old e-mail and a found an e-mail that I sent to Chuck back in 2006.  We had just moved to Southern California from Shreveport and the shock of what we found out here was in full force.  I did’nt realise that my rant about conditions locally and in the country in general would be so accurate.  Here is what I wrote Nov 2006: (“How are things in Shreveport?   We miss this time of year there when it finally gets cool. We sure miss the people there.  Britt made the same comment that California is full of some weird and bad people.  Nobody on our block talks to anyone else.  Hawaii was the same way.  They have made everything so competitive and restrictive and have given rights to the wrong people out here so that everyone looks at their neighbor with suspicion and hatred.  Just in our community (Palmdale/Lancaster) there are over 3000 section 8 homes. This makes owning a home a real crap shoot.  You can buy in a nice hood and have a piece of crap move in right beside you devaluing the whole area.  The homes are going for $400,000 to $800,000 for a place comparable to the place we left in Bossier.  These prices are extremely over valued as there is nothing….and I mean nothing! about the local area that is worth that much.  I truly believe the prices reflect a hidden wave of real-estate speculation that hit the nation over the past few years.  I also think that a huge correction is in order along with a real bad ass-whipping for the economy for supporting so much fraudulent speculation.  You can not believe what sells for one half million dollars here!  All sorts of people who should not have gotten loans have property that is way over their heads.  You can tell because there are scores of newer homes with absolutely no landscaping or improvements from the time they were bought.  I think when these people start going bankrupt –because they can’t flip the house and get out with a handful of cash — the economy will decline steeply. The fool banks are going to take a big hit — oops I mean the fool tax payers because the loans are federally insured. Oh well I guess the fool tax payers are going to take a beating from all sides again.  There is something about living in a democracy when the people figure out it’s easier to vote your neighbors money into their pockets instead of working for it.  I think the Greeks warned that this is what kills democracy.  We are right there now.”) 

Ouch!  I’m no Prophet for sure!!! Though it’s really gotta make you think that if a stupid Schlub like me could see this mess coming two years ago, what has that got to say about our country’s fearless leadership, both current and future wanabee’s. Alas being a “Casandra” is a punishment only the Gods can levey against a human. I have to watch TV with a time delay because anytime Obama or McCain show there lying mugs on the screen I have to fast forward past until Sara Palin is playing (now there is a a short skirt and a pair of legs you can vote for…Oei vegh!!). did we get in this mess? Obama scares hell out of me as I see him as being the last great bomb thrown at our country by that hippy commy asshole Bill Ayers.  Then of course, to our rescue rides McCain and his campaign of middle of the road luke warm tapioca pudding for all….lord help us(:-O  Well enough about that stuff.  Still working on the telescope project.  I missed our completion date for the California State Star party.  The mirror vendor we contracted last January was unable to complete the project.  It was a gamble from the outset as we where investing in new technology that was supposed to help alleviate allot of the problems with large glass mirrors.  We had to fire that vendor and I contracted with a guy from Portland Oregon to make a more conventional mirror.  He quoted a delivery date of this October so we are still waiting on the optics for the scope. My son and I still attended the California Star Party and had a great time.  It was a week of perfect weather and grand viewing.  We slept next to our telescope on cots I rented from the base.  We had allot of fun abusing the hippies from San Francisco that sponsored the event. Most are from the silicon valley and are ubber rich so we could’nt lord too much over them.  We did hang a McCain Palin sign from our tent to offset the Obama bumber stickers and Toyota Prius’s parked around.

Till next time..


11 October on the 12th…

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Well another month and bit closer to that ½ century mark!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the videos as much as I putting them together!  And thanks for your comments too!  Big trip down memory lane and it’s been great.  My office has turned into a home studio, video tapes everywhere, our old vhs camcorder laying on the floor, and the VCR/DVD player hooked up to the computer.

I’ll just get started on the editing when Heather interrupts to take photos for her portfolio.  This time it was the Angelina Jolie – Lara Croft – Tomb Raider look…actually some turn out pretty good.  We had a fog machine to add to the background.  Those didn’t turn out so well…blurred the image to much because the lense was trying to focus on the fog and not Heather.

 img_0384.jpg img_0263.jpg

O’well, there is about two move video maybe three; one on the B-52Gs arsenal of weapons, coming home to land and a trip through the Boneyard.  The arsenal one is a collection from my days at the 49 Test.  When I first arrived they didn’t quit know where to put me, so I converted all their 16mm reel film into VHS formatted tapes…I made three sets; two for them, one for me!  The problem I’m having is that I have so much good footage; I do not know what to keep in that section.   I did break it down into parts, Conventional versus Nukes, then from CBUs to General Purpose, from bombs to missiles.  And keep it under 5 minutes!

The Boneyard one is footage I took while TDY there in 2006.  I was there for a DMO conference, but managed to get some time with the ARMAC PA.   He allowed me to crawl inside one, but watched me like a hawk!  I’d ask about getting a little souvenir, but said he could get fired over something like that.  It wasn’t like I was asking for the RNMP panel of something bigger; like the RN’s seat!  Anyway, I did get some good footage, just need to work up a story.

O’ if anyone knows a Radar type retiring soon, Rockwell Collins is hiring another to help with the entire mission planning effort that is coming with the Targeting POD modification and the Defense re-host.  So if you know anyone, have them give me a call…

As for history, not sure Reed if you knew they re-activated the 379th as an Expeditionary Wing in Qatar with Gen Mike Moeller as the wing king.  Their History person contacted me to get images for their new headquarters building.  You know I should go into the consulting business with this history stuff, wonder if there is any money in it?

O’well, it diner time got to go…

Until next time, take care…

11 Oct 2008 – The Chuck

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Sorry I’ve let the course of events keep me from the keyboard. It’s been a busy month.

It’s easy to get weighed down with our personal event morass and then we quickly forget about the struggles our band is going through.

I still haven’t heard how our Houston brother faired with the last hurricane. I’m sure he’s busy in legal battles, but he’s been on mind since then.

Andy’s been spitting out the videos at a good rate. I like how the screen transformed into a quasi-paper airplane. Maybe Freebird Hollywood productions are in his future. Maybe I’ll get to write a script or two for him. I wonder who he’ll cast as the leading lady.

The Air Force is just starting to recover from it’s shake-up.

You probably already know a few things have been kicked down from the decision makers.

We’ve lost the Cyber Command, but we’re going to have a “Global Strike Command” under a 3-star. It will include 8AF and 20AF but no B-1s. I guess the B-52 community might have to grow it’s own wing commanders. What do you think Ponch?

And what patch should this GS Command use, Andy?

Looks like GSC won’t get any tankers. Maybe the Air Force will cough up enough coin to re-engine the B-52 to reduce the need for tankers. They only been rejecting that idea since the mid-1960s. “Why re-engine a jet we’re about to get rid of? The B-70’s almost here.” Yeah, right.

Liberating the B-52 crews from ACC is a good first step towards fixing what started the problem that led to the shake-up.

The nuclear mission will finally be spelled with a capital N. There’s even solid talk about making it a separate career field. It should surprise the unknowing that it isn’t one now. Good move to do that.

Some concerns are how to move people between the existing commands and the new GSC. If we can’t get the commands to cooperate on this, maybe all the MAJCOMs should be adjusted to be run by 3-stars. Would that solve any other problems? Maybe.

With the decision to forgo a Cyber Command, it makes folks wonder how this is going to work? Certainly we still have to do all the things associated with Cyber warfare. Just because the USAF doesn’t have a Cyber-command, it doesn’t stop the cyber-pirates and vandals out there. So the Air Force will be looking in to that.

In the meanwhile, a NAF with that function will stand-up under Space Command. That’s probably a good fit at the ADCOM level, but making sure it fits at the war-fighting level will require interactivity with existing C2 elements–an AOC.

And all kinds of things like inspections and compliance assurances will be sure to keep plenty of action-officers working evenings and weekends for a while. I almost miss working stuff like that. Almost.

Beside a few birthdays, the Mrs and I escaped to Horseshoe Bend Ark for our 30th anniversary. For a while, we almost forgot about everything that was going on. Almost.

horseshoe bendsunrise at horseshoe bendGun at Mammoth springs

We’ll have to do that again, but we don’t need to wait another 30 years.

I did get a kitchen pass to go to a writer’s workshop today. It was put on by NOLA Stars, a local romance writers’ group. Now I know a few of you have read more than your share of romance novels, especially on cock-pit alert at the hammerhead–even if you deny it. But NOLA Stars allows writers of other genre to hand around them.

Lucky for me, cause I can’t seem to get past the third chapter of a story without a fire-breathing dragon dropping in or some ogre needing killing to come around. It’s kind of romantic … in a crewdawg sort of way.

All of us know that quantity has a quality all of its own. The Romance Writers of America (RWA) has about 10,000 members. So its not a bad organization to be a part of–if you’re a writer.

Yeah, I know. You’re going to say something about that “Romance” part of it.

Of course, most of you “loved” to fly. I certainly “loved” to land on-centerline, on-speed. We all “loved” to hit our targets. The word “SHACK” probably brings a smile to your face. Of course I’m talking mostly to the bomber-crewdawgs here. There are at least 25 others who frequent this website, and that’s okay. We’re all on the up and up here. Nothing to hide. Except for James–he bares watching. 🙂

So anyway, B-52 crews are very familiar with romance. We just didn’t show it all that much with our gruff demeanors. I guess that was because we had to make sure the bad-guys were afraid of us.

Oh well, I ramble here.

But that’s what happens when I don’t write often enough. When I do start, I go all over the place.

I should be posting some more pictures and information about another B-52 that took it’s final flight here soon. Those pictures are probably more responsible for the latest surge in our subscriber roles.

All the members of the BOB are given write privileges. Subscribers just read the posts.

Here are some videos of my grandsons’ birthday. It seem a LA gator got loose in our backyard.

Asher and gator

Malachi and gator

Malachi plays ball

Fortunately nobody was hurt.

job data

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Not sure if any of you are still looking for work, but here’s a link of interest to those living near the Swamp fox

If interested I can answer any questions you might have.