Yak Checking In From CO

Greetings from Pueblo, CO.

 Tammie, Morgan and I have completed the move to Pueblo and we’re getting settled in nicely.  We attacked the boxes pretty aggressively and have emptied the house of them.  We also got the posts set for the pasture last weekend and will string the wire this weekend.  It will be nice to get the horses on our own place. 

We did well selling the house in Louisiana (for sale by owner).  There was a real advantage in having bought that house seven years ago.  On the CO end, we did well, also.  We moved into a buyers market. 

I am flying USAF initial flight screening with Doss Aviation.  It is like the T-34 flying I did down in Pensacola in many ways and unlike in many.  Bottom line, I’m enjoying it quite a bit and it (combined with my retirement) leaves me netting about what I did last year. 

Well, folks I have a student at my desk…so back to it.  I’ll stay in touch.


Mark “Yak” Maryak (Lt Col, USAF, RETIRED).

Cell 318-401-2122

Home 719-647-2122

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  1. The Chuck says:

    Good to hear your move went well. My luck selling has never been profitable–if I every get out of here–maybe it will the next time.

    I’m glad you’re flying and maintaining status quo, that’s a task most guys don’t get right away.

    Looking forward to your flying stories.

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