11 July – The Chuck

A couple of weeks ago my youngest told me that she was almost 20.  I said, “Yep, you’ll be 19 in a couple of weeks, you’re almost 30.”

I’m staying plenty busy with the job at the AOC.  It does keep the budget in the black, but I seem to have almost no time to write.  Still, I’m taking a class on writing novels at BPCC.  I’m learning plenty and have decided to completely rewrite my novel using the techniques that have been passed on to me.  I should be done in a couple of years.

Maybe less.

I could tell you stories that would surprise you.  I used to say, “nothing will surprise me,” but I’ve learned not to say that ever again.  It’s a bit like tempting God … you really don’t want Him trying to surprise you.  I’ll save those tails for a different time.

My webpage have been getting a lot of hits lately.  When I write about international stuff, especially things that discuss the upcoming war with Iran, I get more hits.  I guess that is feedback to keep me focused.  Hopefully, you guys are enjoying my political commentary a little.

Bob Goss has his website up, he said he would like a little feedback … http://justia-attorneyforveterans-com.justia.net/

I hear he’s working a deceptive trade practice suit against the CIA … or something like that.  Rumor has it that it involves a flying saucer. Or maybe I’m just making that up.

Did any of the rest of you get 450 emails from Freebird about the B2 crash?  Man.

James, no sucide notes from the VA to me.  Maybe it’s only for tall guys?

Jim, they discovered gas in Dogwood, they’re giving all the property owners $8950 an acre and a split of 20% of the profits … timing is everything.  You didn’t sell your mineral rights did you?  🙂

Have a great month you guys.

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