Ponch’s belated 11 Jun BOB posting …


Sorry for the late BoB entry.  It’s been pretty busy here with the log jam of aircraft that needed to be fixed and pushed out the gate after the crash standown.   Now that the news is out, Yes it was an pitot tube problem, except the B-2 doesn’t have pitot tubes like a normal jet.  It has a weird collection of flat air data panels with small holes that work something like a pitot tube.  Because the jet is all electric and -robot like- the data from the air data tells the computers which way is up down, left right and (where the mother ship is!-).  Neglecting to remove the water from the holes before a baseline reset is preformed is probably a bad thing, all things considered and 1.3 billion dollars later. But what are ya gonna do…I guess fire the Chief and the Secretary is a start.  Mmmm let me splain…no too long…let me sum up.  Three B-1’s one B-2 and half a B-52 raydome some lost nukes and misdirected nuke parts….ect ect;  yup time for some new leadership. 

On another less happy note…time for the weird and strange in “your’s truly” battle with the fickle finger of fate. God really hates me I guess.  Today I got an e-mail from…not my boss…but my Boss’s Boss, the head of the whole unit out here.  Seems he was laid up in New York city at the airport when he should meet and enjoin in casual conversation with another traveler.  Of course he mentioned he is the director for the B-2 bomber Mx facility at Palmdale CA.  The would be traveler then related that “he” used to fly B-52’s.  Where upon the “Director” stated that he knows a B-52 pilot (former) who works for him.  Names passed back and forth and who do you think was the former B-52 traveler…none other the former Captain Mark Casady!!!!! Yes the same Mark Casady that was blinded and lost his flying career due to a paint-ball shot by…you guessed it!  ME!!!! During Project Warrior 1987 (remember Mike Leffler POC for PW87!!). (For those who were not there, the whole paint ball thing started with Capt Linwood Mason Shooting me in the leg at the same time I tried to shoot back while ducking and covering from Mark, who was on the other side of a bush on the – hill behind the base shopette – about six feet from me—my unlucky shot hit Mark right smack in the eyeball as he had lost his protective eye guard a few minutes before.)  I e-mailed the Boss that I did know Mark and had painful memories of the time ( not as painful as Mark’s but pretty bad!!) Leffler and I got arrested by the skycops for assault on an fellow officer.  We then had to stand before the wing commander as he read a message from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that paintball was banned from all DoD facilities because of the loss of a B-52 pilot.  The last rumor heard about Mark – years ago – was that he had taken the loss of his eyesight and career pretty bad… which resulted in a divorce and drinking allot.  Mark was a lawyer before he earned a pilot training slot—The last e-mail I got from the Boss stated simply:  Mark is looking for me.  I can’t imagine what Mark was telling the Boss about my earlier days in Oscoda MI.  Yes God truly hates me.



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  1. The Chuck says:

    God still loves you, always has.

    You know, we used to have paint ball at Barksdale … didn’t we? I remember bunch of the squadron showing up with welts and bruises after some warrior day get together. I somehow avoided that fun …

  2. Bob says:

    I have to echo Chuck, you are loved. I think you are a great person for one. To put it in perspective, I spoke to a USAF veteran today for almost an hour, and he was really mentally stressed. Tonight, I received an e-mail that his rent was raised $20, and he is so stressed he wants to end his life.
    This guy is at a point he cannot handle anymore. You are still serving the US, and yes I would look out for Mark, but the statute of limitations has run. But just like my veteran, his view of what caused his problems has been rationalized his way.
    Hope you have a great weekend, soon it will be the 4th of July and you can buy small explosives to throw around. Bob

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