Not a lot going on in SC, including rainfall.  If your getting the deluge like Chuck, please pray a little our way, we could definitely use more, and you could definitely use less.

 James, I chuckled when you mentioned about not knowing things about your father–my father has been deceased 28 years, and I remember reading his performance reports that my sister obtained through the Army retired records section.  Boy, back in the day, they called it like they saw it.  Most were flattering, but I remember one, early in his career, that called him “the laziest bum” he had ever seen.  Now, I might say a lot of things about my Dad, but lazy was never one of them.  What I mostly got out of those reports was the admiration the writers felt–of course, that’s the stuff that a son would pick up on, but none the less, it was there.

I’m still doing all the usual stuff, remodeling the house, installing a range hood vent system, reseeding the front yard (and yes, paying out the wazoo for watering said grass), and taking care of little old ladies.  Two have been in the hospital lately but are now out and doing much better.

Just for grins, what is the price of gas where you folks are at?  It’s $3.69 9/10 here in Spartanburg, SC.

Hope everyone has a great summer.

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