11 Jun – The Chuck


Spring is mostly behind us and the certainty of another long summer moves closer with each passing sunset.

We had a few speed bumps on our smooth ride in LA.  Cindy went to Pennsylvania to help her mother recover after a surgery.  We were both glad she was able to do it, but neither of us do well without the other.  Getting back together is always nice.  I guess it evens out.

LA was pounded with some heavy rain.  We was fortunate to avoid any flooding, but about 125 homes in the area weren’t so lucky.  In addition, a lot of cars were trashed by high water–even on base.  The base eventually closed as waves of rough weather continue to pour down on us.  Weird thing about being a contractor, you still need to make up the hours to get paid.  I was able to make things balance. My daughter wasn’t.

Amanda, our middle daughter, lives a section of Shreveport which lost water due to a busted main related to the storm.  In addition, her child care center was without water too.  For a few days, a lot of businesses and schools were closed, along with her child care center, but her job location with Century Tel was open.  Since Cindy was out of town, and I was working, she had to keep the twins at home and … well, she missed too many days and was fired.

Speaking of fired, the Air Force has had quite a shake up.  I wrote the short article, but thats not my last word on the situation, I’m writing another which will be stronger.  Less on people and more on processes.  I’ll post it in a day or so, unless I get lazy or in a funk again.  I hope not.

Eighth Air Force has been redesignated at “Eight Air Force (Air Forces Strategic)” or AFSTRAT for short.  Aren’t you impressed now?

Yak retired.  He’s moving over to Texas to a flying job.  He just sold his house.  Good news for him with the job and the house.

I’m taking a novel writing class at night school.  I probably should have done that before I wrote, then rewrote my novel 22 times, but maybe it is best this way.  Well, it’d better be because this is the way it is.

My Land Rover is still in the shop.  The motor gave up the ghost back in April, its been so long I’m starting to forget I have it.  Of course, USAA won’t forget, they keep the bills for the insurance coming.  The replacement motor came in three weeks ago, but they’ve been busy.  You know how it is.

Cindy and I have been enjoying the hot of LA and have celebrated by doing some landscaping.  A few yards of soil and mulch can make the yard look nice, with dozens of new plants.  We’ll see it the rains let us keep them.  I think most of it will survive.

Wish I could talk about flying.  I can talk about jobs with SAIC if you like, but who wants to hear about that?

My prayer for each of you is health, wealth, and happiness. And that you’d each post an update on our Band of Brothers’ blog.

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