11 Jun – James

Hi everyone,

Chuck, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s job troubles. At least you are there to help. I often wonder how people without a family support system survive. That must have been some severe weather to flood cars on base. I remember going to a promotion ceremony at the O’Club one summer day during a storm and the road paralleling the flightline was like a river near the T-4 Bldg.

Lynn and I just returned from a trip to New York City to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We had a great time. We took the Amtrak train up which was fun in itself and stayed three nights in a midtown hotel. We walked everywhere and saw so much of the city. We flew back out of LaGuardia and relearned the lesson that it is good to show up to the airport early. Our original flight was cancelled, but because we were over two hours early, we were able to catch an earlier flight to Atlanta after running to the gate. If we hadn’t made that flight, we would have been spending the night in either Atlanta or NYC at our expense since the plane was cancelled for weather.

Did everyone else get their anti-suicide letters from the VA? I got two of them and Lynn got one, so they must think we are high risk:)

I must say I was surprised to see that the USAF Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the USAF were fired. That’s two Chiefs of Staffs in the last 18 years.

Last month I enjoyed archiving all my father’s papers by scanning them into my computer. After putting them all in order, I got a much better picture of his life in all its phases. It was particularly interesting finding military sponsor letters, travel and PCS orders and general military correspondence with names like Earl Wheeler, Creighton Abrams, George E. Pickett IV and a couple of other famous names on them. There were many surprises. For example I found paperwork showing he successfully completed six credit hours at the University of MD (on post college in Germany). I had no idea he had any formal post high school education.

I read an article in AARP magazine (it’s very good, don’t laugh!) which talked about the passing of time through the phases of life. It said that the time from 50 to 80 is measured in seconds, not minutes, so enjoy every bit of it. I think the article is correct.

Enjoy your summer! Hope to hear from everyone soon.


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