Hi, May 11th

Graduation & old age

          It seems like just a few weeks ago that Jim was out here to watch his daughter graduate from the University of Houston.  Since last December I have completed my second thesis entitled “Informed Consent for Complex Eye Surgeries” and have taken my last law school final.  That final was genetics and the law, and involved a very scientific course.  My sister who is a nurse practitioner came over and looked at “the basics” and stated that was a complete semester of biology.  That was only one section out of 23.

          On Thursday, May 8, 2008, I took my last final and picked up Moe Winston’s son at the Houston Airport.  Moses’s son is also named Moses and hopes to attend the University of Houston law school starting in 2009, to be a member of the graduating class in 2012.  It was really good to see the son, and Moe arrived last night around 11 p.m.  Today we were able to run around and look at two law schools in Houston. 

          On Monday, May 12, I will be in my office even with the VA being terribly slow in not providing any of the equipment that they had contracted for in my self-employment plan.  The degrees I earned are Masters of Law in Health Law and a Masters of Law in Intellectual Property and Information Law.  Even though a JD is considered a TERMINAL degree the Masters of Law is higher than a JD, and requires having earned the JD prior to attending law school to earn the LL.M. degree.  Many of my peers in the LL.M. program had been practicing law for up to 35 years.  Only 10% of attorneys ever earn a LL.M. degree.  In fact I was the only person who earned two degrees at the same time.


I have a couple of clients now, and even have a hearing for one client on Tuesday.  So life is going to be interesting.  I have a Court of Appeals case for a veteran with my part due approximately June 10 to the court.


I will have my website up by 1 July and hope to have a good marketing and PR campaign by then.


I hope everyone is well and has a great Mothers’ Day.  You are in my prayers.  Bob

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