11 April on the 13th…

Things are going well on the home front…met with the Chuck for lunch one day, we had a great time…cannot wait for his books to mature & get pickup by a publisher!  I’m looking forward to reading them.

Went to Boeing Wichita for a crew fam training on the next version of software update to the Buff’s avionics.  With it comes a whole new mission planning system.  For those who remember AFMSS on those clunky & difficult machines, this is by far better!  And for those who remember mission planning with a chart & pencil or felt-tip pens, things have come a long way – to bad “they” are leaving out the basics of being a navigator.

O’ by the way Reed, your old nemesis is now the squadron commander of the 11th – Jeff Vandenbush! Yep the patch-wear himself and Jar-Jar is back in the 11th again too!

James – sounds like the ceremony was nice, I’m glad things went well.  By the way how’s your research coming on the 3d ID & MG Hunter?

Elwood – how’s you injuries coming?

While I was on my trip, I stumbled across a book on Jimmy Stewart, Bomber Pilot.  It was written by a guy who served with the actor during WWII.  The book deals mainly with his time in the service and how he rose from the ranks to become a BG.  I was first skeptical about the writings, but it turned out pretty good and very informative about the actor’s military career.  I got the feeling the way we saw him on screen was pretty much the way he was in real life.  There was this story when he was a squadron commander that he would visit this one crews hut to get warm…they had managed to obtain a rather large pot-belly stove and had a never ending supply of coal.  Well it enters one evening, goes over to this one bunk, pulls back the covers to expose the keg of beer, walks over to another bunk and grabs that enlisted man’s canteen cup and helps himself.  He sits down next to the store to warm his feet and comments on how they seamed to be to only ones that keeps their hut warm.  Finishes the beer and has a second helping.  He returns the cup and on the way out says someone like; “you know someone stole a keg of beer from the Officer’s Mess the other day, you guys won’t know anything about it would you? Of course not” then walks out the door. 

Anyway, it’s amazing to look at that generation of actors and their commitment to serving our country in times of war versus the ones today willing to discredit or complain against our country.

Finished my Fw-190 model…here’s a few pics.

_mg_0011.JPG  _mg_0014.jpg  _mg_0013.JPG

Well that’s it for this month…I have a Me-109 model calling, actually it’s a Bf-109.  The aircraft markings will be from one that participated in the Battle of Britain.  This is the last one in my German series for now – painting supplies for coming to an end (color wise).  I’m thinking about going back to my bombers in 1/72 scale.  I’m even looking into making all the B-52 variants – XB/YB through H.  We”ll see if I can find the information or parts to make them.



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