11 April – The Chuck

Well, here’s another month. Seems like longer . . . or is that shorter, what ev.

I talked with Brother Vern Moore this week. He apologized for being so busy that he never posts here. I told him I understood, and the rest of you do too, being as most of us don’t post either.

I guess it’s just a phase we’re going through. I hope its not the phase my Land Rover is going through.

A couple of months ago it overheated–darn thermostat. My extended warranty covered the $$$. After the work was done, the water level kept getting low, but there was no fluid to be seen on the ground The dealer said it was just an air bubble and to add some water, it would clear up.

A while later it developed a strange click when it was cold. We took it to the dealer. Once again, my extended warranty covered the $$$$ as they had to replace the intake manifold because of some “irreparable” part inside of it. The click was still there when Cindy picked up the machine, but she was told it was normal for the Rover to have that. The click got worse over the next couple of weeks, from going away shortly after starting to pretty much clicking all the time.

I changed the “click” word for the “slap” word in describing the sound and they took it in the shop. Later that day they showed me the engine in the maintenance bay. Under the valve covers was a covering of metal filings all over the cams. In addition, the oil was thin. They wanted to know if we had it serviced anywhere other than with them. I was glad that I had been too lazy to take it anywhere or to do it myself and I was happy that Cindy had been following the maintenance schedule to the letter and always at the dealer.

The next day, they disassembled the motor and discovered sludge in the oil pan. I told them that I had not put it there. They suspect the motor had been mistreated by the previous owner, however, my extended warranty started fresh when I paid $3000 for it shortly after I purchased it. They say the sludge fouled the oil pump … must have been really bad.

They have to bring in an insurance adjuster before they can take further action, which probably won’t be until Monday. Meanwhile they’re paying for Cindy to drive a 2008 Highlander.

According to the dealer service folks, they only need to replace the 24 tappets (lifters) and the oil pump to fix the engine. I would have thought the metal filings would have degraded the cylinder walls and rings … but they say they pulled off the head and inspected it.

My extended warranty is scheduled to end in November, I plan to take several long drives before October ends. I might buy another warranty, if there is one that goes beyond 5 years from manufacture … but without one my confidence is low about keeping it.

We had a dear friend hospitalized with tumors. Some were removed from the spine, but others are in harder to reach places … kinda makes the Land Rover problem seem piddly.

Well, I’ve got to unplug from here a write an article for my commentary site. It’s been boiling in me since I heard JC was going to meet with Hamas. You’ll enjoy it.

The Chuck out …

Oh yeah–write when you get a chance.

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