11 Apr 08 – James

Hi everyone,

Sorry about your vehicle, Chuck. I used to not believe in extended warranties, but I think that these days, they might be a good idea. It certainly worked out in your case!

My dad’s funeral in Arlington National Cemetery on 20 Feb was simply awesome. I am so glad we decided to bury him there. It was a little bit of effort for everyone to drive up there, but what a source of comfort for the family it was. The soldiers of the Old Guard are so good at what they do.

I’m now clearing out my dad’s huge backyard workshop of 40 years of accumulated stuff. One of the guys that used to work for him when he was a general contractor agreed to empty the place out and fix up my mother’s house for cost. So far he has carted 6 heaping pickup truck loads of stuff to the dump and taken many of the tools and supplies. For example my father had 1000 pounds of nails in there. I’m hoping that in 6 months the workshop can be emptied, the house roof fixed and the fence replaced. At that point the house should be able to be sold and my 81 year old mother can move into something easier to take care of than a 40 year old, 4 bedroom house.

I’ve run in a couple of 10Ks in downtown Savannah recently, but the guys in my age group, 50-54 don’t seem to be slowing down. One of these days, if I get into a race with a small enough field, I hope to win!

Savannah Sand Gnats have their home opener this weekend, so I’m attending. I’m visiting my daughter in Houston in the first part of May, so I look forward to that.

Anyway, I hope to hear from everyone soon.


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  1. The Chuck says:

    You’re a good son. You might want to keep some of those nails to fix the roof. 🙂

    Good job with the running. I’m thinking about bulking up another 60 pounds then going on the biggest loser to win $250,000 … it could work. };-)~

    If you make a stop near Barksdale, let me know and we talk some.

    Thanks for posting.

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