Welcome Spiff

I want to introduce our newest BOB member.

Lt Col Rife, a.k.a. Spiff, is a dear friend of mine from my Doctrine Center days.  I remember the day he was almost killed by General Dugan, and it was my fault.  Thinking back on it, it’s funny now.  Thinking back even a little more, it was even funnier then.

I had made a quiet joke about one of the generals attending the North American Aerospace Symposium, and Spiff lost it.

You see, the general was apparently straining to hold on to his youth.  His hair piece was all one youthful shade of auburn.  Of course, it was sitting on top of a wrinkled old guy’s head.  The other dozen generals sitting around him were more comfortable with the aging process, and their heads were adorned with various shades of salt and pepper, with different amounts of scalp showing.  The general in question was as obvious as a lighthouse on a dark night.

Meanwhile,  General Dugan was the guest speaker for the dinner.  He was at the podium, making a very serious speech.  Except our table is missing it because Spiff is having something that looks and sounds a bit like a seizure.

My joke had struck Spiff as exceptionally funny.  And then he couldn’t control his laughter.  His face got quite red as he fought to regain his composure, only to lose it when ever I made eye-contact with him.  Tears flowed from his eyes, and he was trapped in a vision of the lighthouse’s rug flapping in a strong wind.

General Dugan was not amused.  I’m not sure how any of us at the table survived that night.  I must have blocked it from my memory.

Spiff retires in July.  I’ve told him all about our 11th of the month updates.

We used to share room 11 at the doctrine center before I moved into the “big office” but that is another funny story altogether.

This brings our membership to 29.  Wow, with that many folks, you’d think we’d have more postings on the 11th.  Oh well, everyone’s busy I know.  Me too.

Take care, my band of brothers,

The Chuck

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  1. Spiff says:

    It’s a pleasure to be invited and welcomed into such an august group! I’m told I’m the first non-aviator in the bunch. C’mon, admit it, some of your best friends are non-aviators! 😉

    I guess all I can say in my own defense is that while I’m a non-flyer by trade, I’m with you all in spirit–bomber crew time (B-17, B-24, B-29, B-36, B-52) all run deep in the family. Near-sightedness condemned ME to ICBM crew…

    Anyway, blame my good friend THE CHUCK for letting me in, and my thanks to him for upholding the spirit of two small parallel pieces of old tape on a wooden door(A.K.A. Room 11) over these last 8 years!

    Cheers, and Happy Veracruz Victory Day

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