Oh yeah … 11 March

Wow, things got really busy around our house.  I lost track of the calendar until Andy threw a brick my way. 

We had a little trouble with one of my grandsons.  He’s doing much better now, but he had a seizure.  It was Malachi’s second time for something like this, so we’re all a bit touchy over it.  Cindy has been watching Asher during the day while Amanda stays in the hospital with Malachi and then doing a shift change with her while Amanda has been working in the evenings.  Emily has helped us out by providing cover between shifts during transportation.  When I get home from the SAIC job, we stay pretty busy, either here or there.  We think Malachi will be  coming out tomorrow … if all goes well. Plenty more pieces to that story, but I’ll spare you the details now. 

My novel won third prize in the ABNA contest.  Sounds pretty good, eh?  Except there were 736 other books that won the same prize.  It’s kind of like 3rd place, but not really.  But its pretty good because there were literally thousands of folks that entered. So for now, I have to decide which path I will take with the book.  My standing in the contest suggests strongly that I need to edit/rewrite it one more time before submitting to a publisher.  So that’s probably what I will do.  The other option is to POD it, and get busy with the second book.  I should probably collect a couple more rejections before I do that … probably. 

I get my first crown tomorrow.  Oh joy.  About 10 or 12 years ago when they finishing rebuilding one of my molars to where it is about 1/2 amalgam, the dentist told me, “The next time they work on that, they won’t get a way with just filling it.” And he was right … it cracked a while ago eating some overly tough beef that I refused to surrender.  Oh well, the price of protein can be high. 

This election year is turning out to be quite a show.   It seems you almost can’t say anything about the Democratic Party’s front runners without being labelled a racist or a sexist.  It would be an interesting twist if McCain decides to ask Condi to be his VP, and she decides to put herself through it. 

Oh, I have a new computer. It’s a Mac Pro … and yes, it is really cool. I did have to learn how to compute all over again.

Sorry, I was late in posting.  This month went fast. 

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