11 March came & went…

Must pretty quiet on the home fronts…things are starting to get into a routine around here. 

 Took a trip to Wichita for a meeting about future software versions for the B-52 avionics.  Interesting watching the green suiters, most of which were either my navigator or former students.  There was a guy there who used to be my radar when I first arrived at Wurstmith.  Reed might remember, Berry O’Neal – bombing Berry, the best radar in SAC and he would tell you so (only because he was the #1 radar that year at Bomb Comp!)

The thing that was most interesting, or sad, was the fact of what they were all asking to be included in that software release; from the pilots asking to have fly-to commands on thier GPS-IU tacan so they can step it out and monitor time control – their reason “so they don’t have to ask  the nav over interphone and garbage it up with too much chatter”!  Or the Navs having so much info on the different MFDs that they wouldn’t have to pull out their speed dividers and actually navigate.  They all wanted their bells & whistles, I had to ask the question, whose flying the jet? whose navigating? and whose communicating!  If anything, it was interesting to see who is making the grade and where they are going.

Took my M-1 Garand out shooting this past weekend…had a blast!  I bought it through an Intel troop back at Wurstmith along with some ammo.  The wooden stocks were not very good, so I won a set on eBay last month.  After dis-assembling it (all the way down to the rear sights), I managed to get it back together.   Definitely didn’t have any help from the original army manual!  But I did find a website for gun collectors that had some pretty awesome step along with some good pictures.  My only fear was when I started shooting where I would hit the target or not.  Did great at 50 yards, so-so at 100 and scared the target at 200!  I going to have to work on that.  over all not bad considering it doesn’t have a scope.

There were a couple others out shooting, but they brought along their arsenal; hunting rifles, AK-47s – various versions, and a few others I couldn’t recognize.  Still I had fun shooting again.

Heather and Clayton auditioned for Bossier Community College student film – both have call-backs tomorrow.  Heather’s Diamond Jack’s commercials hit the street this week, not to mention she’s on their billboard downtown.

O’well time to go…I’ve started work on that Fw-190 and it needs some attention now.



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