Hey Guys!

Man Time goes by and before you know it the month is gone!! I think that since I have gotten older time has certainly passed at a faster rate!

Sherry came to visit for a week an dthat was great! I will be able to see more of her this semester with spring break and summer coming up. I am applying to a school much clser to home.  Right now my commute is 4 hours every day.  This school is virtually around the corner, Wando High school.  The Senior Aerospace Science Instructor is retiring.  I am one of 6 being considered and my first interview is Wednesday 5 Mar.  You never know unless you try! If I don’t get it, it just means something better is in store in the future!

I was pretty amazed about the B-2 crash.  Pretty much right after lift-off it seems. Incredible for a plane that can virtually compensate for most problems all by itself! Hopefully it wasn’t caused by a MX mistake or something like that.  

I have to say I miss flying the old BUFF.  If you get the chance , buy the book “BUFF”.  it is really good and you can identify with everything that happens in it. It is a Vietnam era story, but it applies even during the conflicts we were involved in flying the B-52.  The same issues, bitches and complaints haven’t changed!!

Have a great couple of weeks guys and it is always great to hear from all of you!



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