Nuke mission 1/2 the time
WASHINGTON — In response to flaws exposed by an embarrassing nuclear weapons error last August, the Air Force will change the way bomber crews organize for their nuclear training mission, the top Air Force general said Thursday …

Hey, how about this, the B-52 will fly nukes for 6 months out of the year … I guess that is why they have to put it back in the school house. Do you think this will raise or lower morale?

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  1. Larry "Dome" Woods says:

    When I retires from the school house, nuke training was still in the syllabus. Did things change that much after i retired?

  2. The Chuck says:

    The entire syllabus changed after you left. Block training, gave everyone a staggered start to finish up at the same time. Academics was taught in blocks … interspersed through the flying training, as were the sims. You wouldn’t recognize it.

    Big changes ahead … maybe, until the next decree changes everything again.

  3. Scotty Briscoe says:

    Hello The Chuck…how do I join the bOB?

  4. The Chuck says:


    We’d love to have you in the forum. Refer to the Welcome page, the “We Band of Brothers” and especially the ROE page for guidance. When you’re ready, make a post to let the rest of know what is happening in your life. Most of the “members” read more than they write. In addition, we’ve got about 30 folks who are just readers, I don’t know most of them but they are interested in what we’re saying, at least sometimes.

    Welcome aboard.

    The Chuck

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