Feb 2008 Howdy

Happy Feb to all the Brothers.  I use to like putting airplane models together also, I still have a B25 that needs to be put together and painted, maybe next year.  I also have a couple of 1930s car models done.  Of course star trek models.

There is alot on a crew dogs plate now days.  We do it all. 

Church has been good this month.  In God I trust.  I still like the prayer story in Patton on making the weather good so Allies could use air power to gain victory over the Axis. 

Im concentrating on work and being ready for next post AD job.  Maybe later I will meet the right woman.

I still need to get my Mom’s book published, tells somethings about people in the know in Dallas leading up to Nov 22, 1963.  But, hopefully when time is right it will get published.

Maybe later I can write my own fiction story, like harry Potter or something.

You all take care, and God Bless

We all continue to serve God and our country, doesnt end at retirement.


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  1. The Chuck says:

    I wish I had some publishing connections to help you out, but I’m still searching for a victory there. I’m expected to be culled out of the ABNA tomorrow, I’ll probably lose my page when that happens. You can still read the except and even post a comment if you like: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001200CF0

    Good luck on all those things you want to do, I think you’re going to better that you’ve imagined, in less time than you thought.

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