11 Feb 2008 – The Chuck

I think my novel is about to be culled from the herd.  The Publisher’s Weekly review was less than sterling, they commented that my story was disorienting.  I think it might have been if they were skimming, nevertheless, I will do a minor rewrite before I send it to another publisher.  Don’t you get sick about writers talking about their unpublished books?

It’s nice to get a paycheck, but the SAIC job does take up some time.  I guess I just need to win the lottery or something.  I guess I’ll have to buy a ticket first … I rather buy a coffee, at least the dollar keeps me warm for a couple of minutes. 

 Cybercommand is buzzing in the air, I wish I had solid news to share but thats coming sometime later, I don’t know if anyone really knows.

How about those Giants?! 

I’m basically doing well  and still losing my hair.  How about you guys? 

It’d be nice to hear from Vern this month.  I know he’s reading this stuff.  Just post “Hi” so we’ll know we know you’re  still reading.  Anybody heard fom Pat Trav or Ed Miller?Probably too warm up in all that global warming to write. 

 Later guys ….

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