December 11th…

Howdy folks, been a bit busy around here.  As Chuck mentioned I’ve been helping him with a job here at 8th AF with Cyber Command.  But mostly with mine!  Yep, I’m moving over to Rockwell Collins and work in the WST as a B-52 mission planner…a new position created at the request of “the customer”.  I’ll start the new job on the 17 December…good benefits, good people to work with since I knew several of them from our active duty days, and more pay.

Reed – duck huntings been great…manager to bag my limit of wood ducks every time so far.  There’s a big goose hunt coming up the last weekend in December north of Abilene, TX.  Again with the same crowd I went with back in January…hopefully Clayton (son #1) can get time off from work to go.

So far I have been spoiled with all the time off it’s driving Heather nuts…fortunately she has a honey-do list that keeps me busy.  Found out that CVS Pharmacy will be open until midnight all the way up to Christmas…boy I miss the stress…NOT!

O’well time to sign off…but have yourselves a Merry Christmas and take time out to give thanks for the birth of Jesus!


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