11 Oct 07- Johnboy

Howdy folks! great to see the posts so far.  I really like this Blog thing, even though I had a hard time figuring it out! I think I have the hang of it now!  Things here are moving right along. My cadets are improving slightly, some are great , some need a swift kick in the ass. It is pretty amazing how defiant kids can be nowadays. They like to test you to see how big your balls are. Fortunately, last time I checked, mine are pretty big, so so far I haven’t had to physically restrain anyone! I do keep any eye out for weapons and stuff like that, though! Most of the kids are good, it is just those few psychotic ones ya have to be worried about. You have heard about the Cleavland shooting, and that kid’s background.  Well we have so many kids like that here it isn’t funny.

On the home front things are progressing. We bought some new furniture which will complement the stuff we have in storage in SHV. Hopefully my wife will be transferred here early next year, so we can have everything in one place! I just bought another LCD Tv for the family room and I had the house prewired for sound during construction. So the guy came out yesterday to give me a quote for getting it all put together, and I almost choked on the price! I think I will do a room at a time and do it myself! I have time and nothing else to do!

My daughter is doing very well in school and working her ass off, so even though I hate that she took the plunge so early in life, she is working hard to improve herself and take care of her family. I’m proud of her and she will definitely know the value of hard work from now on. 

I think it islooking good as far as getting some part time personal training work at one of the local gyms. Although I commute over 4 hours a day to work, I think I can pull off a couple of hours at night a few times a week. Especially the weekends. At least I can get a free gym membership!

Have a great rest of the month guys and I really enjoy hearing from all of you! My new address is 1309 Osmond Rd, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466.


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  1. The Chuck says:

    <p>The Blog host-network had some technical problems yesterday, perfect time for the 11th check-in, of course. If think of things that might make this easier, I’ll get my Admin geek to see if he can make it happen.</p>
    <p>Working with those kids has to be a challenge. I can’t help but think that somebody, somewhere could have influenced that young fellow to deal with things differently. Since people don’t really grow a brain until 19 to 25, good advice and counseling goes a long way with the teens.</p>
    <p>You’ve got one heck of a commute there! 4 hours must give you time to get your thoughts together.</p>
    <p>Thanks for the post.</p>

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